Desiree Perez Helps Lead The Charge For Women In The Music Industry

Last year, women in the music industry demonstrated strong leadership in executive roles. The tasks involved more than just negotiating contracts or even finding fresh talent. Women at the highest levels of the industry also fought to protect rights. They have paved the way for the future of the business and have become influencers.

One of those female leaders is Desiree Perez. She serves as the chief operating officer at Roc Nation. The entertainment company was founded by renowned rapper Jay-Z. In Jan. 2017, Perez was able to strike a deal that saw Sprint invest $200 million in TIDAL, a music streaming service. Before the deal was made, many questioned TIDAL’s viability in the market and whether or not it would see a significant investment. Perez put those concerns to rest. Thanks to the deal, Sprint sponsored a free download of Jay-Z’s 4:44 album and it garnered one million downloads. This made 4:44 a platinum album before its official release.

That isn’t all that Perez has done for Roc Nation. Live Nation is an equity partner of Roc Nation. Back in April, Live Nation signed a $200 million touring partnership with Jay-Z. A surge in tour revenue is also evident. Jay-Z’s 4:44 tour grossed 21 percent higher than his Magna Carter tour back in 2013.

Perez wasted little time making moves this year. On Jan. 4, Perez and Roc Nation Sports announced the signing of Saquon Barkley. After playing the running back position for three years in college football with Penn State, Barkley will enter the 2018 NFL Draft.

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Betsy Devos – article recap

In 2017, President Trump announced the federal government rescinded its policy allowing transgender students to use the school bathroom that matched their gender identities. Hours prior to that announcement, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos was preparing the department’s gay and transgender employees about the announcement.

DeVos gave no public sign she was on the opposite side of the issue that President Trump. However, those briefed in the meeting were assured that she did resist the move privately. She had fought to change those in the administration about making the change to the federal law, but lost.

People not familiar with DeVos or her legacy of helping others may not know that she has always been a fighter for those who have no voice for more than three decades. She has always been a leading advocate of charter vouchers and schools. Charter schools are school owned privately, but is operated and ran with public money.

She had earned a reputation as a relentless, effective and driven political fighter.

For decades, DeVos worked to provide more public money to charter schools and away from failing traditional public schools. She also fought for public funds to pay children’s private school tuition to help them obtain a better education than the one they were receiving from the traditional public school.

In fact, she has used her family’s fortune to punish foes, work behind the scenes to pass positive education legislation and reward allies. Her opponents respect her.

The media choose to focus on per perceived lack of political experience. DeVos has shrugged off the jokes and mockery made during her first meeting with the Education Department employees. She even confirmed that the meeting had been a bit of a bear. She knows the media has had a lot of fun mocking and making fun of her, but she is not in it for publicity. DeVos wants to better the lives of people trying for a better education. The people who know DeVos understand that she has been in politics and in education for decades. Her educational career did not start as secretary of state, but decades ago. Learn more:

Obsidian Energy And Its Purpose

Obsidian Energy is a company that is in the oil and gas field. They are a producer of oil and gas, and they used to be called Penn West Petroleum Ltd. When they changed over to Obsidian Energy, they wanted to make sure that they showed the public that they want to give them the best product and service possible. They are determined and able to do so, and they are moving forward with their plans.


The company is doing everything that they can in order to develop a larger customer base. They have assets and a portfolio that keep them in the stockholders’ minds. Since they are one of the companies that are in the top 60, they have a presence on the Canadian Stock Exchange.


Their headquarters is based in Calgary. This is in Alberta, Canada. They have many different oil wells that are located all throughout the western part of the country. This is an excellent advantage for Obsidian Energy, and they can reach many different customers as they proceed with what they need to get done.


The employees at the company are one hundred percent behind their company. They are goal oriented, and they want to do the best that they can in order to acquire more business. Since they are experienced workers, they are experts at what they do. Difficult tasks are completed by them on a timely basis, and this helps the company to reach its goals quicker. View More Information Here.


Making sure that the future is a positive one is what Obsidian Energy is doing on a constant basis. They want to be one of the leaders in their business. In all accounts, the way that Obsidian is moving forward will surely show great success on their part. It will prove to be something that they will be proud of for a long time to come.


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The Great Incident that Led to the Creation of The Frontera Fund

The Frontera Fund is currently considered to be one of the most potent and successful nonprofit making organizations in the United States. The organization was founded several years ago, and its main goal is to offer support to the other human rights organizations in the country. The institution has had a great share of challenges since it was founded, but it has also been instrumental in changing the lives of other minority people in the society.

The Frontera Fund has a very exciting story. According to the organization website, the Frontera Fund was introduced into the market by two prominent journalists who are based in the United States. These experts, known as Michael and Jim experienced some injustice in the year 2007. One afternoon, when the journalists were in their houses, they were approached by armed deputies who hurriedly took them into black cars that did have Mexican number plates. In no time, the journalists were already spending time in two separate jails in the nation. Their families were not given any information concerning the arrest of the two journalists.

Michael and Jim were vocal individuals who spoke about some of the injustices that were being committed by powerful personalities in the country. The two had just published some information about Joe Arpaio, one of the most powerful and feared sheriffs in the country. Joe believed that he was untouchable, and this is why he sent the armed detectives to arrest the journalists. Fortunately, Michael and Jim were released and allowed to go home after protests from human rights groups. After some time, they took the case to court, and they were offered millions of dollars as compensation. The journalists have been using the money given to assist other human rights institutions in the United States. The journalists founded an organization known as Frontera Fund, and they have been doing their best to make it the best on the international platform. Larkin and Lacey do not want anything similar to what they experienced to happen to any other member of the community. The journalists have also created awareness about the foundation among the people.

Obsidian Energy – Leadership and History

Obsidian Energy Inc. used to be known under the name Penn West Exploration Ltd. and before that as PennWest Petroleum and Penn West Energy Trust. Even though the company has been switching around its name and its brand, now Obsidian Energy Ltd., the company has found its direction in the industry of oil and natural gas.



The corporation is a Canadian one, and it was established back in 1979 in Calgary, Alberta. The oil and gas wells of Obsidian Energy Ltd. are situated across Canada. The majority are in the prolific Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. his regions is popular for its high amounts of petroleum reserves. Other key production areas of the Obsidian Energy Ltd. are in Alberta, and they include the Pece River sands which are rich in oil, the Pembina Cardium, and the Alberta Viking. Being able to use such as beneficial and productive reserve areas have been highly prolific for the corporation.



The company of Obsidian Energy Ltd. employs more than three hundred people, and one of them is the Chief Executive Officer and President of the company Mr. David L. French. He joined Obsidian Energy a couple of years ago in October 2016. Mr. David L. French had had a couple of decades of experience including as a business leader. See This Page for related information.



Before he entered the company of Obsidian Energy, David L French was the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Bankers Petroleum Ltd. which is based in Calgary, Canada. The corporation publicly trades gas and oil with a number companies and in Southeastern Europe. Mr. David L. French directed the business into a higher commercial growth. Source:



Over the course of his career in the industry, President and CEO David L. French has been working with many types of reservoir rock and has navigated development of primary, secondary, and tertiary stages. David L. French has had an operational reach in Canada, 48 of the lower states in the USA, as well as across Europe.



Obsidian Energy has been steadily growing over the past couple of years, and it will be announcing its plan of 2018 in the upcoming weeks.

Helping Children Is Important To Luxury Real Estate Developer Hussain Sajwani

The Hussain Sajwani family has become one of the leading developers of luxury real estate across the Middle East after using an innovative business model to create some of the leading elite apartment buildings in Dubai. However, the founder of DAMAC Properties has been at the heart of a number of leading developments in the United Arab Emirates designed to provide a better standard of life for the neediest in the nation; Hussain Sajwani has often focused his philanthropic efforts on assisting families and children who are in need of warm clothes for the freezing Winter nights seen in Dubai. Learn more:


The DAMAC owner made his fortune in the food services industry before taking advantage of relaxed real estate regulations introduced by the government of Dubai to allow non-Emirates citizens to purchase real estate in the city. In 2002, Hussain Sajwani used his newly-formed DAMAC Properties group to purchase a piece of land in one of the least impressive districts of the city many experts stated the latest entrant to Dubai’s luxury real estate developer would struggle to sell a property on. Confounding his critics, Hussain Sajwani sold all the properties in just six months and had all necessary funding in place for his first development by the time construction began.


A number of annual programs are supported by Hussain Sajwani and his DAMAC Properties group as the future of Dubai and the nation of the UAE remains of great importance to the real estate developer. Hussain Sajwani has given millions of dollars of his personal fortune estimated at $4.4 billion to an annual program launched by the UAE Royal Family and the Red Crescent humanitarian group which allowed the founder and President of DAMAC to fund the provision of warm Winter clothing for around one million children from the poorest parts of Dubai. Learn more:

Why Online Reviews Boost Fabletics’ Rankings

Online reviews do a lot for your bottom line. Just ask Fabletics what online reviews have done for them. Just look at their profit margins and growth rates over the last few years. Such growth is outstanding.


Why do reviews matter? Well, first of all, they do a lot for your online marketing strategy. There is no doubt that by having tons of positive online reviews, your online marketing efforts will be a lot more successful. The reason for this is quite simple, actually.


First of all, online reviews that are positive will help you get better search engine rankings. This is just one of the ways that online reviews will help you, but it certainly is not something to be laughed at.


Many studies have been done on the power of online reviews to boost your search engine rankings. There are many ways that online reviews do that, according to the studies.


One way is that they boost your organic local rankings. This means that if you have a local website for a local business, you will start ranking higher when people in your local area search Google for topics relating to your industry. If you are focusing on attracting people through your website, then this will help you a lot.


Another way that online reviews help boost your rankings is by helping you land on the three pack of local businesses. It is well known that when people search on Google for local establishments, Google will often show them the Google profiles of three and sometimes seven local businesses. Of course, there may be many businesses out there who have a Google profile, but only a select few of them will make it to this pack. Google has not revealed why they choose some businesses over others, but studies have been done on the matter that show that positive reviews play a large role in their algorithms. This means that if you have more positive reviews, it is likely that you will get into that three pack, which means that a whole new load of people will be able to find you online.


Another way that online reviews boost your rankings is by letting you get Schema markup snippets next to your website and your profile listings on other third party review sites. This means that more people will end up clicking on those snippets. Not only will you get a whole new flood of traffic, but more clicks will result in higher rankings, which in turn will result in more traffic.


Kate Hudson has been heading Fabletics for a long time. She has been on board ever since the owners asked her to join the team at the very beginning of the company. She has done so much good ever since. She helps out with everything, ranging from design to marketing. She is also an active promoter of Fabletics, and she helps them get more customers and make them happy. Take the Fabletics survey.

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Malcolm Casselle, the gamers savior through cryptocurrency

The Worldwide Asset eXchange, WAX, is a devolved platform that allows an individual to take part in the virtual game assets marketplace. WAX has managed to prove how important tokenizing items in a game is. The platform is set to reduce the costs of transactions in games, come up with a marketplace for gamers to transfer assets, as well as to divide the profits of a player from centralized exchanges. Having to tokenize items in a game enables gamers to own virtual assets with a potential of expanding them to physical assets. WAX innovations have brought about a new form of assets that in the past could not be exchanged for physical assets.


The major hurdle that WAX tokens have is coming up with a way of monitoring them to ensure the tokens found on the blockchain remain linked to their asset. A multi-layered approach governance system brings about a regulatory oversight of the tokens by their holders. The transfer process of the virtual assets is managed by Transfer Agents. These agents are supervised and rated by Guilds. There also exists an algorithm that is tasked with proving the stake reaches a consensus. In the event a Transfer Agent fails to perform the allocated responsibilities, the reputation and financial stake of the Guild gets impacted negatively. When the Guild happens not to act accordingly with the Transfer Agent, the token holder has the right to refuse to reelect them. This loop in feedback is meant to ensure the WAX tokens are continuously linked to their virtual asset.

Malcolm Casselle currently serves as the President of WAX. He also serves as the CIO of OPSkins, the largest marketplace that specializes in the buying and selling of items that are found in online video games. As an international entrepreneur, Malcolm has been active in the investment business. He has invested in companies like Zynga and Facebook.


Malcolm Casselle studied Computer Science at MIT and Stanford University. He speaks both Mandarin and Japanese fluently. Malcolm previously ran startups businesses in the digital industry, they include Xfire, MediaPass, and the joint venture Groupon had with Tencent in China. Malcolm has also served as the Senior V.P. and G.M. of SeaChange International.


The Academy of Arts University – The Best Art and Design School

The Academy of Arts University is an institution that was started in 1929. Currently, the University is recognized as the biggest private art and design school in the United States of America. The Institution has a population of over 14,000 students from all over the globe. Through their experienced staff members and lecturers, the school provides the best art experience and enables students develop a classic combination of business savvy and artistic ability.

Moreover, Academy of Arts University provides more than 25 facilities that house studios, residence halls, galleries, and classrooms. Additionally, it offers students with the best facilities to help them achieve their dream careers. Some of the facilities in the institution include Cintiq labs, two green screens for filmmakers, and the Oculus Rift System.

The Academy of Arts University also provides its students with more than 40 student clubs, intramural club sports, and cultural organizations. Academy of Art University is one of the art and design school that trusts in helping its students develop both their artistic talent and athletic ability. Besides, the Academy also provides a financial aid for those students that have qualified but lack enough money to fund their education. The Institution provides financial aid through grants and scholarships.

Each year, the Academy links its students with many renowned companies related to their fields. During the Institution’s annual Spring Show, many industry leaders are invited to see the work of each student. Moreover, the School of Fashion Students exhibit their work at New York Fashion twice a year. During the event, students are granted many awards such as ANDYs, ADDYs, and Clios. On September 9, 2017, School of Fashion Students displayed their collections at New York Fashion. The event was held at the Skylight Clarkson Square. During the event, ten recent Master of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Fine Arts graduates showcased two menswear and five womenswear collections. The audience was impressed by the collections of the students and the different ideas that each student had come up with. Among the people that were present during the exhibition were Sara Kozlowski (Director of Education and Professional Development at the Council of Fashion Designers of America) and the famous Ms. J Alexander.

Why People In The United Kingdom Are Choosing Sussex Healthcare

There are a plethora of healthcare companies in the United Kingdom, but many people that are in need of these services for their parents will choose Sussex Healthcare because this is an organization that has been helping people with different issues like Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological disabilities for several decades.

There is a staff that works for Sussex Healthcare that is highly trained in the responsibilities of taking care of individuals that need help. Older people that are in their senior years of living will benefit from the kind staff and nursing specialists that have the ability to care for them around the clock.

There are many adults that are looking for a Healthcare company for their parents. There are a lot of choices to make, but many adult siblings will get together and decide that Sussex Healthcare is the best solution for their parents because they want a place where their parents will be cared for and stimulated intellectually as well. The staff at this Healthcare organization will provide a lot of different things that can be beneficial to seniors. There are activities like quizzes and meet and greet sessions. There are also physical therapy and occupational therapy for those that are in need of it.


This healthcare facility is also able to take care of those that may have things like dementia. People that are suffering with memory loss definitely need kind nurses and healthcare support that will take there issues into consideration. People that are working with older adults that have these type of medical needs will typically help engage them in activities that can serve as a form of therapy. There are art therapy and handcraft classes that can help those that are staying at Sussex Health Care.

Many people that have parents that are in need of help will have the desire to get there parents into a facility that is going to have skilled workers in place to provide help. Seniors are part of the community at Sussex health care, but there are also people that have other conditions like Parkinson disease and multiple sclerosis. There are lots of therapists and nurses in place to help with all of these different things that patients may have a need for. It is certainly beneficial to anyone that has a parent or loved one that needs care in the United Kingdom to consider Sussex Healthcare.