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Finding a Fugitive with the Help of Securus Technologies

My fugitive task force was handed a case in which a suspect was running free on the streets and committing dangerous crimes without any regard for law enforcement or the safety of our residents. One day he would hold a convenience store clerk at gunpoint, the next he would be in a local bank demanding the tellers give him cash. With his finger on the trigger in each instance, it would only be a matter of time before he shot an innocent person. None of his support network would talk to the police, and my superiors were putting pressure on me to get this case closed now.


I knew that if we waited long enough that one of his associates would make a mistake and reveal his position, but we did not have the luxury of time on our side. Each day that this suspect was on the street meant that someone was going to be his next victim, something my superiors were not willing to deal with at this point. With family and friends virtually silent, I decided to try and trick some of his old associates into telling us what they knew.


Securus Technologies installed a call monitoring system for when inmates are on the telephone in jail, and I thought I could use this resource to get someone to tip their hand. These new call monitoring systems are in 2,600 prisons, and they do the work of several corrections officers. The CEO of Securus Technologies, Richard Smith, says that his 1,000 employees and everyone at the Dallas-based firm all work towards making the world a safer place.


Days after me showing up to the jail, a few inmates were chattering about how their family needs to ignore the suspect when he calls them. Tapping those lines revealed our suspects location, and in hours we were able to catch him with zero incident.