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Todd Levine and the Law

Even prior to being a co-founding partner of Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine, Todd Levine had garnered much experience overseeing the legalities of complex business disputes. His professional work is just one of his great passions. He is also very passionate about music, art, and science. Levine entered this world by earning a B.A. in Finance from the University of Florida in 1988 and then an attorney degree from Florida Levin College of Law in 1991. He has always had a natural gift for simplifying complex situations so after this intense education, he eventually drifted into complex commercial litigation. He only regrets that it took him as long as it did to find his the practice area that suited his talents.

Todd Levine is also very talented at meeting unexpected situation which is a very good thing since he has found every day in his work to be very unique. However, this was not a natural talent, but one he had to learn. Levine says that when he first started out as an attorney he had a hard time dealing with unexpected things that crept up. One great habit he has learned during his years in litigation is maximizing his time. That means using every spare time for something useful such as taking calls and working on his attorney work while traveling across the country.

Todd Levine has also found making a daily to-do list is extremely helpful. Levine says one of his top professional habits is to always put all of his arguments in outline form to see if they logically make sense before he commits them to paper. Such an outline helps him better see the gaps in the logic. As his name in this area grew, his body of clientele kept steadily growing ever greater. In all things professional, each individual client has always been his top priority. When any client or prospective client messages him with a query, he is committed to replying in no later than 24 hours.

He has since received accolades in such highly respected publications as the Super Lawyers Business Review, Florida Trend Magazine, the Daily Business Review, and the South Florida Business Journal.

Bruno Fagali Talks About Why Featuring Thin Girls In Ads Is On The Way Out

     Writing on his legal blog, lawyer Bruno Fagali wrote an interesting article about how France is handling their anorexia epidemic. In that country 30,000-40,000 people, most of them teenagers, have this medical condition which is mostly thought to be fueled by advertising. Most men and women who appear in advertising are presented with wholly impossible to attain bodies. This is because the advertising companies digitally manipulate the images to make people look thinner than they actually are, usually using Photoshop.

Bruno Fagali says that to combat this problem they passed a law under the French Code of Public Health. Now there is a decree in place, as of October 2017, which states that any image of this nature must have imprinted on it “retouched photograph”. This will alert people to the fact that what they are looking at doesn’t fit with reality.

France has also been requiring French models to get a medical certificate since 2016 before they can find work in the advertising industry or show up in fashion shows. Bruno Fagali wrote that a doctor must measure their body mass index and their general state of health.

His home country of Brazil has been looking into similar laws, he wrote. As someone who is also in advertising himself; Bruno Fagali is the Corporate Integrity Manager at nova/sb which is an ad firm; he says that advertisers are starting to realize themselves that the days of sticking a rail-thin girl in their ads are no longer effective or moral. He has seen this shift away from that form of ads for the past few years.

Since 2006, Bruno Fagali has been practicing the law. He has a Master in Law which he earned at the University of Sao Paulo. He has also received several legal certifications such as healthcare compliance, advertising and communication law, public law, parliamentary law, and electoral law. Bruno Fagali landed his job at nova/sb due to his certification in anti-corruption law which he earned at Fundação Getulio Vargas in Sao Paulo.

Dr. Saad Saad’s Guiding Principles Towards A Successful Career

Dr, Saad isn’t just one of the most accomplished pediatric surgeons in the United States but has also contributed immensely towards the improvement of pediatric care. In his long and colorful career as a pediatric surgeon, spanning over 47 years, Dr. saadhas not only helped improve the quality of care to his child-patients but has also made innovative changes that disrupt pediatric surgeries.


These have not only helped improve the level of care he delivers to his patients, but some of his techniques have also gone on to save numerous lives while contributing to the speedy recovery of his patients. Dr. Saad is also quite generous with life tips especially the principles that he has stood by in life that eventually formed the base his success as a career surgeon. Here are two such principles: Learn more:


  1. Settling for nothing short of success in all your endeavors


Early on in life, Saad made up his mind about pursuing a career in medicine. And even in the face of numerous seemingly impossible barriers like been a stateless teenager in Kuwait or an immigrant in the United States, he did not waver. He reminisces on the thought that the best advice that his father gave him was that with the education he could accomplish anything he wanted to in life.


He, therefore, quadrupled his efforts in education, a fact that saw him graduate atop his class with honors in medicine. When he moved to the United States, Saad he set up his mind on to becoming a US Board Certified Pediatric surgeon. He then delved into education and research which saw him board-certified in the mid-80’s. The fact that he was the only board-certified pediatric surgeon fluent in both English and Arabic languages at the time scored him a position with the Arab Royal family as the family doctor for their children.


  1. Never procrastinate


Dr. Saad points out to the maximum use of time every day and not procrastinating on what is required of him as the pillars behind his successful career. He lives by the rule that you should never wait for tomorrow to do what you could have done today. According to Saad, reaching your goals is never impossible. You only have to set clear goals and set out on achieving them and make maximum use of every nick of time at your disposal.


About Dr. SaadSaad


Saad was born in Palestine in Palestine in 1940’s where he spent most of his childhood days. His family would later relocate too West Banks during the creation of the state of Israel. They then migrated to Kuwait when his father secured a job as a petroleum expert and spent most of his educational days here. Saad only moved to the United States after his university education in search of a better career opportunity in his specialty field of medicine.

The Different Passions of Alexandre Gama

     Alexandre Gama is a creative, entrepreneur, and a lover of cars and music. Alexandra started Neogama in 1999 and sold a minority stake to BBH in 2002. In 2012 Publics Groupe acquired both companies.

After spending most of his time on global assignments, Gama shifted his focus to Brazil. Alexandre Gama is the Chief Creative Officer and CEO of Neogama. He relinquished his role as the Chief Creative Officer at BBH global in 2016. In the same year, his company, Neogama, parted ways with Bartle Bogle Hegarty Limited. Even after leaving BBH, Alexandre Gama created an operational agreement with the company that allows him to work with their clients.

Before BBH, he worked for Ogilvy & Mather creative department, DM9, Almap BBDO, and Young & Rubicam. The Propaganda Professionals Associations honored Alexandre Gama as the 2006 Agency Director of the year. In 2007, he received the Cabore Entrepreneur of the Year in the Communication Industry Award. He designed the Johnnie Walker Brazil campaign for Rock Giant that became a critical success bagging the Diageo Company of the Year Award. He has also won over 20 Cannes, Golden Lions awards for various campaigns.

Alexandre created VIOLAB, a guitar company that promotes and encourages music talent and guitar playing in Brazil. Alexandre Gama who also plays the guitar partnered with Ulysses Rocha to develop a business website and Youtube channel and radio program.

As a car enthusiast, he is an investor in the UK-based BAC, a sports car company that manufactures Mono, luxury one-seater cars. Currently, he hopes to venture into other sectors such as technology.

Achievements of Marc Sparks in Helping Startup Businesses

Marc Sparks is a serial entrepreneur and a very successful businessman based in Dallas, Texas. He operates a series of businesses and currently he is the executive of Timber Creek Capital. According to Marc, his success was not out of luck, but has achieved it through hard work. Marc’s businesses largely specialize in the telecommunication sector and his businesses include Blue Jay Wireless, Splash Media and Cardinal Telecom. Other industries that Marc has invested in are real estate, venture capital and business solutions.Learn more :


How Sparks has Helped Emerging entrepreneurs


A few years ago, the entrepreneur through his brand Marc USA launched Marketing Sparks, a program that aimed at working closely with startup entrepreneurs and providing them with amazing opportunity to work with professional marketers from the initial stage of business development. It has been proven that extensive marketing strategies at the initial stages of business development process are likely to attract large number of clients, investors and employees. According to Michele Fabrizi, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Marc USA, there are several startup businesses in Pittsburgh and there is a need to support them in order to achieve their goals.


Marc Sparks has hired a diverse range of professionals in research, digital, PR, strategy and media. These experts are not only from his organizations, but also from other businesses and agencies. Mr. Fabrizi further added that they have received support from other agencies like Financial Services Group Inc., which offer Marc USA three marketing leads.


About Marc Sparks


Marc is a serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist. He has started several successful businesses in the telecom industry as well as other sectors. As a venture capitalist, Marc is involved with funding startups that seems to have a promising future. Although it is highly speculative venture, Marc has succeeded according on it. Marc Sparks is an author and has written a book titled “They Can’t Eat You”. It is a motivational book that informs potential entrepreneurs to enter the business industry without fear.


Sparks’ Philanthropic Work


Sparks does not reserve all his wealth to himself alone. He is recognized across Dallas, Texas for several philanthropic activities he has funded. For instance, he is supporting a program that helps youth acquire high school diploma. He donates money, time and also partnering with other agencies in order to construct homes for the needy. He is also a volunteer at The Samaritan Inn, a Dallas based homeless shelter.