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Jim Toner Believes In You

Jim Toner has been a real estate investor for twenty seven years, and has shared his strategies for success through numerous television and radio appearances, magazine and newspaper articles, and lectures. He has experienced enormous success and is very well-known as a speaker. Those interested in making money in the real estate market have been known to spend thousands of dollars just to attend a lecture to hear the common sense advice Jim Toner gives.

In a recent article on creating wealth, Jim Toner shares a strategy for success that he feels is often overlooked. According to Toner, accurate thinking holds the key to some really good things happening in life. Toner believes that 90% of people are walking around without thinking accurately about the world, especially when it comes to being successful or achieving full potential. He points to the stereotype of always being told that in order to be successful, one must go to school, and follow certain prescribed steps to work to the top. However, Toner is a proven example that this is not always the case, as he did not attend college, and says he barely finished high school. Yet he has made millions of dollars, despite the lack of formal education.

Jim Toner says there is nothing stopping anyone from making lots of money. He outlines some steps to making that happen. First, he advises to assess your current life situation in regards to not only finances, but health and relationships as well. Next, define what it is that you really want in life. Stop comparing yourself to others, and focus on living your life. Social media conditions people to think that everyone else is leading awesome lives, and it is easy to start thinking of yourself as a loser. Finally, Toner advises expecting setbacks, and recovering quickly.

Toner (@thejimtoner) concludes with what he considers to be the best advice ever, which is to work hard on yourself. He credits this to John Rohn, and believes that building a better you leads to everything else getting better, and makes the road to success even easier and more enjoyable.

Helping Children Is Important To Luxury Real Estate Developer Hussain Sajwani

The Hussain Sajwani family has become one of the leading developers of luxury real estate across the Middle East after using an innovative business model to create some of the leading elite apartment buildings in Dubai. However, the founder of DAMAC Properties has been at the heart of a number of leading developments in the United Arab Emirates designed to provide a better standard of life for the neediest in the nation; Hussain Sajwani has often focused his philanthropic efforts on assisting families and children who are in need of warm clothes for the freezing Winter nights seen in Dubai. Learn more:


The DAMAC owner made his fortune in the food services industry before taking advantage of relaxed real estate regulations introduced by the government of Dubai to allow non-Emirates citizens to purchase real estate in the city. In 2002, Hussain Sajwani used his newly-formed DAMAC Properties group to purchase a piece of land in one of the least impressive districts of the city many experts stated the latest entrant to Dubai’s luxury real estate developer would struggle to sell a property on. Confounding his critics, Hussain Sajwani sold all the properties in just six months and had all necessary funding in place for his first development by the time construction began.


A number of annual programs are supported by Hussain Sajwani and his DAMAC Properties group as the future of Dubai and the nation of the UAE remains of great importance to the real estate developer. Hussain Sajwani has given millions of dollars of his personal fortune estimated at $4.4 billion to an annual program launched by the UAE Royal Family and the Red Crescent humanitarian group which allowed the founder and President of DAMAC to fund the provision of warm Winter clothing for around one million children from the poorest parts of Dubai. Learn more: