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Jim Toner Believes In You

Jim Toner has been a real estate investor for twenty seven years, and has shared his strategies for success through numerous television and radio appearances, magazine and newspaper articles, and lectures. He has experienced enormous success and is very well-known as a speaker. Those interested in making money in the real estate market have been known to spend thousands of dollars just to attend a lecture to hear the common sense advice Jim Toner gives.

In a recent article on creating wealth, Jim Toner shares a strategy for success that he feels is often overlooked. According to Toner, accurate thinking holds the key to some really good things happening in life. Toner believes that 90% of people are walking around without thinking accurately about the world, especially when it comes to being successful or achieving full potential. He points to the stereotype of always being told that in order to be successful, one must go to school, and follow certain prescribed steps to work to the top. However, Toner is a proven example that this is not always the case, as he did not attend college, and says he barely finished high school. Yet he has made millions of dollars, despite the lack of formal education.

Jim Toner says there is nothing stopping anyone from making lots of money. He outlines some steps to making that happen. First, he advises to assess your current life situation in regards to not only finances, but health and relationships as well. Next, define what it is that you really want in life. Stop comparing yourself to others, and focus on living your life. Social media conditions people to think that everyone else is leading awesome lives, and it is easy to start thinking of yourself as a loser. Finally, Toner advises expecting setbacks, and recovering quickly.

Toner (@thejimtoner) concludes with what he considers to be the best advice ever, which is to work hard on yourself. He credits this to John Rohn, and believes that building a better you leads to everything else getting better, and makes the road to success even easier and more enjoyable.

Boraie — The City Savior

Boraie Development has been ahead of the developing world for ages. They have spotted the potential of property in New Brunswick, New Jersey four decades ago. It was always on the mind of Omar Baraie, the president of Boraie Development. He is now 73 years old and just as wise and warm hearted as ever. He rubs his chin as he remembers fondly the thoughts of past years. “When we started in 1972, it was awful… [but] this is an area where we can do something with.” he now knows that to be the truth and his former detractors are listening in. His advice is more valuable than gold.

There is currently a 250 apartment home development in the process of coming to Atlantic City. It is being built as of this year and once it is complete the property value in the area is set to skyrocket. It will be the first marketable building built in the last 25 years. This is a major development for the people of Atlantic City. Boraie Development is at the head of the development project. It is being called the Beach at South inlet and it is currently valued at $81 million. The property will serve more than 50,000 people who live and work in the town. It is filled with mostly resorts so the tourists will flock to the new development with modern upgrades. It is a fresh look for Atlantic City. You can visit their website

According to Rutgers, the previous 10 years have been hard on Atlantic City. The decline in casino revenue and the decay of the gaming industry hit the city hard. It left a mark on the local economy that seemed almost impossible to bounce back from. But, the perseverance and foresight of Boraie Development have the possibility to turn it all around. New projects like the gateway project are countering the gaming industry’s black mark and bringing new light to a bleak situation. The economy is beginning to stabilize. Next, Boraie will be investing on housing stock for the city in an attempt to bring in permanent residents. This will further bolster the economy and bring a new light to the city. The fresh start will bring in a renewed sense of hope and will make the economy healthy again.

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Desiree Perez Helps Lead The Charge For Women In The Music Industry

Last year, women in the music industry demonstrated strong leadership in executive roles. The tasks involved more than just negotiating contracts or even finding fresh talent. Women at the highest levels of the industry also fought to protect rights. They have paved the way for the future of the business and have become influencers.

One of those female leaders is Desiree Perez. She serves as the chief operating officer at Roc Nation. The entertainment company was founded by renowned rapper Jay-Z. In Jan. 2017, Perez was able to strike a deal that saw Sprint invest $200 million in TIDAL, a music streaming service. Before the deal was made, many questioned TIDAL’s viability in the market and whether or not it would see a significant investment. Perez put those concerns to rest. Thanks to the deal, Sprint sponsored a free download of Jay-Z’s 4:44 album and it garnered one million downloads. This made 4:44 a platinum album before its official release.

That isn’t all that Perez has done for Roc Nation. Live Nation is an equity partner of Roc Nation. Back in April, Live Nation signed a $200 million touring partnership with Jay-Z. A surge in tour revenue is also evident. Jay-Z’s 4:44 tour grossed 21 percent higher than his Magna Carter tour back in 2013.

Perez wasted little time making moves this year. On Jan. 4, Perez and Roc Nation Sports announced the signing of Saquon Barkley. After playing the running back position for three years in college football with Penn State, Barkley will enter the 2018 NFL Draft.

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Sam Boraie – A Successful Real Estate Developer with a Passion for bringing Positive Changes to the Community

Sam Boraie and Boraie Development have been the pillars of the growth of the areas of New Brunswick. Even though the company has always been successful, it made national news when it started the project of One Riverview in Newark in which the NBA star Shaq made a significant investment. An old High School was converted into a 23 storey building with 169 residential apartments with all modern amenities. It also had retail showrooms on its first floor which helped bring businesses into the area. This project changed the face of the Boraie Development company and proved that it could do more than budget housing projects.

Sam Boraie is one of several sons and daughters of Omar Boraie who shifted base to the United States from Egypt many decades ago. Omar was a trained chemist in Egypt and came to the US for his doctorate studies. While in the United States, he got involved in the real estate market and started his company. Today, he is among the top real estate developers in the country. The once declining and crime-hit area of New Brunswick saw a real estate boom after Boraie Development started to take initiatives in the area and developed many projects. One of its other major projects was the Aspire apartment complex. Another prestigious project of the company was Waverly Place in Montgomery New Jersey. This project had a great location with shopping centers, hospitals, and schools in the immediate area.

According to Bloomberg, Sam is one of the several Vice President of the Boraie Development but has been the major decision maker for the different projects that the company undertakes. Over the years, Sam Boraie has made a name in the community through its charity work. He is one of the trustees of the State Theater in New Brunswick and his company Boraie Development continues to contribute the different educational and artistic programs in the theater. Another major charity work that Sam is a big part of is the Elija’s Promise. This is a non-profit organization that offers healthy meals to the poor and providing food service training.