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Dick and Betsy DeVos: True Reformers

Dick and Betsy DeVos have been lobbying for political and educational change for many years. For instance, in 1991, Dick DeVos immediately began lobbying against plans to construct a multi-purpose convention center and sports arena outside of the Grand Rapids central business district. He opposed the idea because he felt it wouldn’t benefit the businesses in downtown Grand Rapids. In response, he helped to form what is known as Grand Action, which is a team of business leaders in the Grand Rapids area. This group’s efforts contributed to the construction of the DeVos Performance Hall, the Grand Rapids City Market, the Van Adel Arena, the DeVos Place Convention Center, and the medical school at Michigan State University.


Mr. and Mrs. DeVos both come from family fortunes, and they have contributed time and money to help improve policies and institutions. 2012 marked the year that Mr. DeVos helped to change Michigan from an organized labor state to a right-to-work state. They are known as GOP mega-donors and have significantly taken part in changing Michigan laws that deal with labor and education. Mrs. DeVos is an advocate for the growth of charter schools, which is one reason she was appointed to the position of the United States Secretary of Education by President Trump.


The couple founded the Dick & Betsy DeVos Foundation. This foundation donated more than $138.7 million from 1989 to 2015 to churches, arts and culture, leadership programs, health and human services, scholarships for private schools, and policy initiatives that focused on educational reform. The power couple donated also $12.5 million in 2006 to help construct the children’s hospital in the Spectrum Health System. Because of their generous donation, they helped enable families to stay with their children whom get treatment at the children’s hospital.


In addition, the couple helped to establish an aviation charter school that was located in a small office building at Grand Rapids International Airport. Today, the aviation charter high school has grown to have its own building with more than 600 students. The West Michigan Aviation Academy has students from all over the world. The charter school is free to attend just as other public schools or charter schools in Michigan. Although the school operates on an allowance from the government, the DeVos’ donated more than $7 million in 2014 to help the school flourish. Aside from core classes, such as math and science, the school also offers classes that include aerospace engineering, robotics systems, and computer science.


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Betsy Devos – article recap

In 2017, President Trump announced the federal government rescinded its policy allowing transgender students to use the school bathroom that matched their gender identities. Hours prior to that announcement, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos was preparing the department’s gay and transgender employees about the announcement.

DeVos gave no public sign she was on the opposite side of the issue that President Trump. However, those briefed in the meeting were assured that she did resist the move privately. She had fought to change those in the administration about making the change to the federal law, but lost.

People not familiar with DeVos or her legacy of helping others may not know that she has always been a fighter for those who have no voice for more than three decades. She has always been a leading advocate of charter vouchers and schools. Charter schools are school owned privately, but is operated and ran with public money.

She had earned a reputation as a relentless, effective and driven political fighter.

For decades, DeVos worked to provide more public money to charter schools and away from failing traditional public schools. She also fought for public funds to pay children’s private school tuition to help them obtain a better education than the one they were receiving from the traditional public school.

In fact, she has used her family’s fortune to punish foes, work behind the scenes to pass positive education legislation and reward allies. Her opponents respect her.

The media choose to focus on per perceived lack of political experience. DeVos has shrugged off the jokes and mockery made during her first meeting with the Education Department employees. She even confirmed that the meeting had been a bit of a bear. She knows the media has had a lot of fun mocking and making fun of her, but she is not in it for publicity. DeVos wants to better the lives of people trying for a better education. The people who know DeVos understand that she has been in politics and in education for decades. Her educational career did not start as secretary of state, but decades ago. Learn more:

End Citizens United is taking things to the next level

End Citizens United is a political action committee that is mainly focused on bringing in big money out of politics. The group was able to raise over $4 million in the first three months this year. They estimate that they will earn a total of $35 million before the 2018 election for congress. That would mean a $25 million increase since the 2016 election..


During the first quarter of this year there were about 100,000 people that contributed to the PAC, of those 40,000 gave for the first time. The average contribution that was made to the PAC this year was $12. This has been one busy year for the election.


It has been urged in the past few weeks for contributors to help donate $500,000 towards the company of Democrat Jon Ossoff. The Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United Decision is what the groups name is referring to. The group was able to open up the doors to union and corporate donations. End Citizens United is not able to except donations that are higher than $5,000 and also operates as a traditional PAC. Adam Bozzi, the groups spokesman, has said that the group has been able to build more ties to campaign-finance groups.


End Citizens United was official established on March 1st, 2015. The group mainly supports Democrats that are in favor of meaningful reform in the campaign finance system. They believe in the possiblity of meaningful change happening with the help of the Democrats.


Tiffany Muller is the Executive Director and the President for End Citizens United. End Citizens United main goal is to stop the disastrous effects of Citizens United and to reform the campaign finance system. They are willing to show voters, canidates, officials and the press that they are going to fight back against the increasing brazenness that has been brought on by billionaires trying to out buy elections. They have stated that their greatest strength lies in the power that comes from grass root activists. End Citizens United couldn’t be any prouder of the way that they have been funded by thousands of grass root supporters.

George Soros, the Ferguson Protests and Michael Brown get Justice

What does George Soros, Michael Brown and Ferguson, Missouri have in common? Justice. That’s right, justice has been given to all three parties that have been involved within this incident. Back in 2014, a young 18-year-old black man named Michael Brown was killed by a former Missouri police officer named Darren Wilson.

On August 9, 2014 video surveillance captured Michael Brown stealing cigarillos from a convenience store and assaulting a store clerk. The Grand Jury in the Michael Brown case has this information as evidence and it cannot be denied. The Department of Justice also confirms this evidence as well. Michael Brown was accompanied by his friend Dorian Johnson when this situation happened. Learn more about his profile at

Officer Darren Wilson was on duty during the morning when this robbery had taken place. He was given information about the crime from the Missouri police department dispatch and he was given description of the suspects. Eventually, Wilson knew where to find the suspects and he came across both of them while they traveled back to Johnson’s home.

Long story short, Wilson stopped the suspects. An altercation ensued. Brown went for Wilson’s gun but he did not get it. During this altercation, a shot was fired. The suspects managed to get away and then fled. Wilson pursued them. Wilson caught up with Brown. He then fired on Brown when the young man refused to stop coming toward him. Brown ended up dying from the altercation.

While it was clear that Brown and Dorian broke the law by stealing the items from a local convenience store; the fatal shooting of Brown was something that many black people and supporters of equality where upset about. Once again, the police department was seen as persecutors of black people within this situation. The black community was extremely angry with Wilson’s actions because many people who witnessed the incident claimed that Brown had his hands up at the time of death.

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George Soros had been watching this situation very closely as it unfolded. He immediately realized what was happening when he saw the outrage that black people were feeling behind the death of Michael Brown. He had to mobilize people to get them out to protest this situation. George Soros knows that the treatment of black minorities by the police force is something that is systematically wrong within the American justice system. Know more on Business Insider about George Soros.

Soros helped to fund many organizations to get them to protest in Ferguson. He also funded the Black Lives Matter movement which emerged during this incident. Michael Brown, the people of Ferguson and George Soros all received justice when it was ruled that the Ferguson police department has been known for unjust practices against minorities. Soros and the groups that he supports are now working harder to eliminate police oppression against the black community all throughout the U.S.

The Political Arena with End Citizens United Works

End Citizens United was founded on March 1, 2015, as a Political Action Committee and was funded by the grassroots donors. They are committed to the encounter of the disastrous effects of Citizens United and the reforming of their campaign finance system. They are dedicated to showing the elected officials, voters, candidates and the press that the grassroots are fighting back with a lot of force against the increasing shamelessness of the wealthy tycoons that are trying to buy the elections. This will help in the building a wide coalition that is working towards pressuring lawmakers on taking actions and campaigning on finance reforms.


End Citizens United mission is on combating the Big Money in politics and tear down the rigged political system. This is done by electing champions in the campaign finance reforms and passing measures in the state ballot. The champions are mandated to work towards overturning Citizens United, ending the dark money and the unlimited money in politics. End Citizens United will work towards their mission by raising the issue of money in politics to a national priority, by electing pro-reform candidates and using the grassroots membership to manifest political power on the subject of money in politics. The End Citizens United is a key supporter of the Democrats in the key races who are in favor of significant reform to their campaign finance system and will aid in the efforts to overturn Citizens United.


End Citizens United stand up with candidates who face attack by the corporate special interests and mega-donors, and their networks with the dark money groups. The fight against the Citizens United is led by the Democrats. They believe that significant changes will happen with the leadership. Although many of the Republicans and Independent voters are all in agreement that, the undisclosed political spending is out of control, in Congress, the Republican leadership is standing firmly in the way of overturning the disastrous decision by the Supreme Court. The group so far has more than 325,000 people that have signed the End Citizens United’s petition having a demand on Congress to pass the registration. The group is in full support of candidates who are devoted in reforming the broken campaign finance system.


According to the communications director, Richard Carbo, the End Citizens United has so far raised from small donors more than $2 million, and the group is on track to scan a total of $25 million to $30 million for the entire cycle. The End Citizens United boasts of having received 136,000 donations so far. The group enjoys having a productive grassroots support with an estimated average donation of $14.86. The D.C based PAC has a staff membership of five including senior advisors like Valerie Martin, who has worked on Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill’s 2006 campaign. Reed Adamson is also a staff member who aided in managing the Illinois Rep. Brad Schneider’s 2012 victory.