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Alex Pall Embraces Career Move As The Chainsmokers Evolve.

There is something special about the state of pop music in the world today. More artists than ever are being given the chance to air their own unique riff on classic genres in order to gain fans and attention. The Chainsmokers, led by Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall, have helped to bring DJ/Dance Music back to the masses in a way that just hasn’t been done in years. The ‘Closer’ stars have seen their careers explode over the past three or four years and that upward trajectory seems to be limited by nothing but their own imagination. Pall and Taggart sat down in order to discuss their past, their future and their present and they unveiled more than a little about themselves along the way.

Pall was a DJ in New York City when his career first started to get going. Pall was linked through a mutual friend to Andrew and the two quickly found that they had chemistry and drive. The duo would spend 12 hours a day, every day during the week, working on developing their sound and the career path that they had wanted to take. Andrew laughs about the start of their career, admitting that when he was in college he was mocked for listening to dance music and rocking v-neck t-shirts. Now, Taggart laughingly points out, he’s making the exact kind of music for the people that mocked him before.

The Chainsmokers have been releasing radio super-hits on a schedule since they first popped into the mainstream but now the duo are taking a step back to really tune in to what they want to become. One of the big changes for The Chainsmokers going forward is the addition of Andrew getting lead vocals on their newest hit, ‘Closer’. The Chainsmokers typically produce the music in their songs while inviting other sings to come in and take the lead. Pall says of the new direction, “Well, why not?” Pall points out that they had played a big role in the writing process for the lyrics on all of their songs, so giving the vocal duties to one of their own only made sense.