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Michael Lacey Continues To Build An Impressive Mathematics Career

The area of mathematics is one academic discipline where new discoveries are being made and problems solved by some of the sharpest minds in the world.

In the U.S., few mathematicians have had such an impact on the discipline as Michael Lacey, a mathematician who has studied and taught at some of the nations best-known and respected academic institutions; alongside the many colleges and institutions Michael Lacey has studied at he has become one of the most decorated and awarded mathematicians in the world.

Michael Lacey first made an impact studying for his Ph.D. at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a focus on Banach Spaces which are a mathematical theory based on the work of Polish mathematician, Stefan Banach.

The graduate of the University of Texas made his way to a range of colleges and institutions developing his skills and teaching options including time spent working as an Assistant Professor at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and Indiana University.

Lacey would later become an Associate Professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology before moving to the University of Georgia to become the professor of mathematics at the esteemed academic institution.

Many awards and fellowships have been awarded to Michael Lacey over the course of his career including becoming a Fellow of the American Society of Mathematics in 2013.

Michael Lacey has seen his work at the University of Georgia beginning in 2001 rewarded with a Guggenheim Fellowship which is awarded to U.S. citizens who are seen as being in the middle stages of their career.

Alongside the impressive work completed to receive a Guggenheim Fellowship, Michael Lacey was also awarded a Fulbright Fellowship in 2008.