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James Larkin strengthened by family

Family to James Larkin, just like it would to anyone else, meant everything. The people he grew up with and those that bore him; Mary Anne McNulty, James Larkin, and Jim’s siblings, completed his cycle of the people that were closest to him in the slums that became Larkin’s home in the early times.


It is because of the hardships that his siblings were going through that Larkin decided to give his father a helping hand. It was not an easy thing to do for the seven-year-old Jim, but he was going to struggle just like anyone who knew the cost of happiness would.


He sacrificed his studies and ended up getting very little to no education. His mother was not employed, and therefore her efforts were mostly concentrated on bringing up Jim’s siblings and holding the family together.


Tragedy met Jim Larkin’s 14th birthday, and he did not have a happy year. His father died, and the family was hard-blown by this. He grew up with one parent and acted as the second parent to the young ones.


He would one day be old enough to father children of his own, and have a duty of care to his wife. James Larkin’s life with Elizabeth Brown in the later years was a happy one because his early experience taught him a lot about sticking to the people that were closest to him.


The two got married just after James Larkin became a foreman, and were blessed with children; James Larkin senior and Denis Larkin. His union activities took a lot of his time, but he would try at the end of each day show love to his children. This lifestyle took a different turn when Denis and Larkin Jr. were grown and their father, James Larkin, died. It was tragic and saddening to all who knew how great a man he was and his dedication to what he felt and knew was right.


The workers’ advocate was laid to rest in Ireland. It was the very place that Mary Anne McNulty and James Larkin had vacated, but that was also where Jim Larkin’s heart was because he dedicated a more significant part of his life to ensuring workers of Ireland were fairly treated.