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Rick Shinto, the Driving Force behind Innovacare

Innovacare is a firm that is dedicated to providing quality and affordable Medicare Advantage plans for all American people. Rick Shinto, who is the founder and president of the firm, has been instrumental in steering the company to a path of success. Innovacare’s success can be attributed to his ability to mobilize a team with the crucial expertise to help the company meet the growing demands of the medical industry. Furthermore, Innovacare believes in providing smarter healthcare services and topnotch products that suit the needs of its clients. This has been one of the main reasons why the firm has been consistent and has continued to offer uncompromised services to American citizens.


As the president and CEO of the Innovacare, Rick Shinto has played a significant part in ensuring that the firm provides top-notch medical services, quality healthcare and Medicare Advantage plans for all individuals. The success of Innovacare is enhanced by a dedicated team that works alongside Rick Shinto; Innovacare incorporates a team consisting of preeminent experts who, under the guidance of Rick Shinto, are able to transform care delivery into more efficient population-based models. The team shares in Shinto’s desire to change the way healthcare programs are offered in America’s healthcare facilities.


Rick Shinto’s experience in the healthcare management industry has been pivotal in the success story of Innovacare. Way before becoming the CEO of Innovacare, he served as the CEO at Aveta Inc.; CEO at MMM Healthcare and PMC Medical Choice; Chief Medical Officer at NAMM; COO at Medical Pathways Management Company; among other top positions. He began his career as an internist and pulmonologist in California. Regarding education, Rick Shinto received a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of California. He also holds a medical degree from the State University of Newyork, in addition to a Masters in Business Administration from Redlands. He has 20 years experience in clinical and operational healthcare management which has served as a critical requisite for his exemplary performance as the CEO and President of Innovacare.



Sharing in the limelight of Innovacare’s success is the firm’s Chief Administrative Officer, Penelope Kokkinides. Her experience particularly in Medicaid, Medicare, and managed care has ensured that the firm provides proper medical care for its clients. In general, Innovacare has a reliable and efficient leadership team which has been at the forefront of making Innovacare a success.


Why People In The United Kingdom Are Choosing Sussex Healthcare

There are a plethora of healthcare companies in the United Kingdom, but many people that are in need of these services for their parents will choose Sussex Healthcare because this is an organization that has been helping people with different issues like Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological disabilities for several decades.

There is a staff that works for Sussex Healthcare that is highly trained in the responsibilities of taking care of individuals that need help. Older people that are in their senior years of living will benefit from the kind staff and nursing specialists that have the ability to care for them around the clock.

There are many adults that are looking for a Healthcare company for their parents. There are a lot of choices to make, but many adult siblings will get together and decide that Sussex Healthcare is the best solution for their parents because they want a place where their parents will be cared for and stimulated intellectually as well. The staff at this Healthcare organization will provide a lot of different things that can be beneficial to seniors. There are activities like quizzes and meet and greet sessions. There are also physical therapy and occupational therapy for those that are in need of it.


This healthcare facility is also able to take care of those that may have things like dementia. People that are suffering with memory loss definitely need kind nurses and healthcare support that will take there issues into consideration. People that are working with older adults that have these type of medical needs will typically help engage them in activities that can serve as a form of therapy. There are art therapy and handcraft classes that can help those that are staying at Sussex Health Care.

Many people that have parents that are in need of help will have the desire to get there parents into a facility that is going to have skilled workers in place to provide help. Seniors are part of the community at Sussex health care, but there are also people that have other conditions like Parkinson disease and multiple sclerosis. There are lots of therapists and nurses in place to help with all of these different things that patients may have a need for. It is certainly beneficial to anyone that has a parent or loved one that needs care in the United Kingdom to consider Sussex Healthcare.