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Matt Badiali Explains How He Engages the Readers of Real Wealth Strategist

Matt Badiali went to college in order to become a scientist. He never suspected that he would one day become an investment guru but that’s just what happened. He has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in geology and was earning his doctorate when fate intervened. He met a financial pro in 2004 who convinced him that with his educational background he would be a natural fit help him make money investing in energy, metals, agriculture, and other natural resources.

Before long, Matt Badiali was doing firsthand research for this financial expert. He started traveling the world and visiting mining sites, oil wells, and corporate headquarters. He used this experience to found Real Wealth Strategist which is a newsletter that shows average investors how to make money by trading natural resources. This is published by Banyan Hill Publishing which Matt Badiali joined in 2017. He sticks to a writing style that is easy for his readers to comprehend.

Matt Badiali says that it takes both a financial and scientific background to do well in the markets he specializes in. His educational background in geology gives him insights into trading commodities, energy, and metals. He spends time during his workdays following trends and identifying opportunities. He then writes about these for his readers in a way they can understand what he is communicating. He says that he intends Real Wealth Strategist for people like his dad who would have a great deal of difficulty understanding conventional investment advice.

When working on a new topic Matt Badiali says that he takes a “boots on the ground” approach. He will travel to the investment opportunity he will write about by visiting its work site, facility, and/or headquarters. This gives him exclusive insights into the opportunity and lets him know that his investment tips are accurate.

In order to write his newsletter, which he mostly does in the morning, he says that he maintains focus on just his writing. He hears people talking about multitasking but remains convinced that it simply doesn’t work in the real world. People’s minds aren’t a computer and trying to do two or three things at a time is never going to be efficient.

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How a 30-Year-Old Became a Bitcoin Millionaire by Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly advocates that Erica Stanford is one among the millionaires who have made it through bitcoin venture. Similarly, Erica features one of the fascinating stories when it comes to explaining how it all happened. Surprisingly this lady incepted his investment in bitcoin last year, 2017. Precisely, she started her trade with only $2600 a stake that she just wanted to use to test the waters. A few months later, his initial investment had reached $39000, which is approximately 1400 percent gain. This might sound like one of the renowned fairies, but it is not. Erica Stanford can be used as an excellent example of what is expected when working on the trade market. This entails always being on the lookout for potential chances to grow your venture so that you will have the maximum return.

Her first million

According to Paul Mampilly Erica Stanford is only 30, but in September of 2017, she found it fit to leave her occupation of marketing so that she could have ample time to deal with the crypto market. This way some of her workmates thought that she had made the worse decision while her employer thought that her ability to work was deteriorating. This was because most of these colleagues could not comprehend why she had to quite a paying job to venture in a risky and unpredictable market. For her, the journey has not been easy either. For instance, she once lost approximately $6500 on a single day merely because her slip was offline and therefore she could not cash out in real time. However, instead of giving up she came back strong and focused than ever before. As such, after a few months of trading and after she has resigned from her occupation, she was able to raise her first million.

Follow the Millennial Money

If you are anticipating for the most rewarding instances in the crypto market, Paul Mampilly advocates that it is vital to pay particular attention to various trends in the millennia. According to a recent study, it has been revealed that the prices of the crypto currencies have tumbled. To this end, approximately 48% of the millennia admitted that they would be willing to switch to the crypto as their primary exchange.

American Private Equity Investor and Fortress Principal, Peter Briger

Peter Briger was born and brought up in San Francisco, California. He is an established business entrepreneur with interests in private equity investments. He did his bachelor’s in business administration from the renowned Princeton University. He joined the University of Pennsylvania to pursue a masters in business administration.

He established his financial career at Goldman Sachs. He served as the company as a financial officer for more than 15 years. While working at the company, he mastered important management and leadership skills that would later shape his career.
Peter Briger relocated to Fortress Investment Group in the year 2002.

Fortress is an alternative asset manager founded in the year 1998. The company specializes in the management of debt securities, hedge funds, and real estate investments.

With an initial capital investment of $400 million, the Group was established by Wes Edens, Robert Kauffman, and Randal Nardone. The firm currently controls over $80 billion in property and capital investments. It has also grown its labor force to more than 2750 employees.

Peter Briger has been influential in the growth of Fortress. In the year 2007, he enlisted the company at the New York Stock Exchange Market. The move made Fortress the first significant private company in the United States to go public.

Under his leadership, the group acquired Springleaf Financial Services company which is a sublime lender.

Owing to his immense success at the firm, he was appointed the chief officer of Fortress Investment Group’s credit business. Besides his executive roles at the Group, he has held senior positions in top companies. He was a director at Citicorp and a committee member at the Asian Management Board.

Peter Briger confirmed in January 2018 that SoftBank Corporation would acquire fortress. The company that is based in Japan agreed to purchase the group at $3.3 billion. A contract was also signed to retain Fortress’ base in New York City.

Peter Briger is a benefactor to several charitable organizations across the United States. He is a director of Silicon Valley. The foundation has helped an inestimable number of needy children across the world.

The Impact of Ted Bauman on Economics

Ted Bauman orignated from the United States of America. He is a certified economist. In the mid-1980s, he moved to South Africa. When he got in South Africa, he engaged himself in urbanization policy and post-apartheid economic development and implementation. In the 1990s and 2000s, Ted served as a consultant to various entities such as the United Nations, Africa, and European governments and much more. It was in this juncture that he also tremendously traveled in Africa and Asia. He also attained great understanding in the relationship that existed between political and economic dynamics in many societies. Ted Bauman is also an author who has managed to publish research and commentary in several prestigious international journals. Some of these journals include Small Enterprise Development, The Journal of Microfinance in conjunction with Environmental and Urbanization.

Ted Bauman returned to the United States in 2008. He returned to work for a large nonprofit organization that was based in Atlanta. He was to serve as a Director of International Programs. Ted implemented his incredible skills and experience in economists established various techniques that can be deployed towards accessing international organizational effectiveness and sustainability.

In 2013, he became a member of Banyan Hill Publishing which was previously called Sovereign Society. He served as a part-time editor where he concentrated on safeguarding his fathers, Bob Bauman already existing assets in as well as wealth management portfolio. Bauman managed to become a remarkable and respectable figure within a short time duration. His incredible growth was based on the application of his extensive training in conjunction with his tremendous experience and writing skills.

He is currently working as the editor of the Banyan Hill Letter. This is a monthly publication that is aimed at enabling the readers to maintain and retain their wealth and riches through the application of innovative investment personal and legal strategies. He has the largest readership in the Banyan Hill group. He has more than 100,000 readership subscriptions. Ted Bauman has also extended an expanded his writings also to incorporate the Smart Money Service and Alpha Stock Alert. Smart Money Service is an EFT-trading platform while Alpha Stock Alert is a weekly stock trading service.


The Works of Gareth Henry

Gareth Henry has been fascinated by numbers and math since a kid. He entered adult life by earning a B.S. in Mathematics and Statistics from Heriot-Watt University. He then worked in management research for Watson Wyatt. He started his career by at Schroders in London as its Director of Strategic Solutions, then SEI Investments as an investment manager, then Watson Wyatt as an analyst. In 2007 he joined the team of Fortress Investment Group as Head of International Investor Relations for it London branch. In this role, he worked much with the European, Middle Eastern and African markets.

His years at Fortress were pivotal for a couple of reasons. It was at Fortress that his phenomenal leadership skills began to really be truly recognized. It was also at this time that he formed many a lasting tie to sovereign wealth. Then Gareth Henry spent several years working for Fortress as its Global Head of Investor Relations. In 2016, Gareth Henry joined the Angelo, Gordon & Co. team as the Managing Director and Global Head of Investor Relations. In addition, he was also made a partner in the firm. Prior to joining the firm, Gareth had already held years-worth of executive positions.

His years in finances also gave him another valuable tool. It was during these many years in such positions he had developed important professional connections all over the world that helped him in his position at AG&C.

While AG&C is still relatively young, it has risen to be a hugely lucrative investment manager. It was first founded in 1988, today it manages around $26 billion in credit, real estate, and private equity investments. While they are headquartered in New York, they maintain offices throughout the U.S., Europe, and Asia. Gareth Henry remained with them until this year. The precise reasons of the departure have not yet been made public.

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Fortress Investment Group’s Peter Briger Is A Leading Crypto Evangelist: Find Out Why

Bitcoin has become a major deal in the financial world. While there are people who stand on both sides of the fence in this regard, Peter Briger of Fortress Investment Group is squarely on the side of those who support the use of cryptocurrency.Fortress Investment Group is not always associated with cryptocurrency. They are mostly known as a global investment firm that works in the world of asset management. They manage accounts for private investors and institutional clients alike. Since Washington lawmakers seem to be reticent to embrace cryptocurrency, Fortress Investment Group has been slow to make inroads. However, this is all about to change. Thanks to a group of legislators who are committed to altering the stigma that surrounds the usage of cryptocurrency, longtime evangelists like Peter Briger may soon have their day in the sun.The Democratic party has a candidate who is willing to stand next to people like Briger and amplify their voices.

Brian Forde is in the process of fighting for a California Congressional seat and the results of this race could go a long way towards determining the future of Bitcoin.In the midst of all this discussion, Peter Briger’s long time struggle to bring cryptocurrency to Wall Street and other legitimate venues has been underscored. Wall Street is now getting into the business of Bitcoin but this is after many efforts were made by forward thinkers like Briger. The first meeting between Briger and executives from Wells Fargo would take place in 2013 and it set the tone for everything else that happened next. Briger correctly surmised that banks would want to get in on cryptocurrency earlier so that they could eventually utilize Bitcoin and come up with a regulated exchange that would allow for more widespread adoption.The Fortress Investment Group team that was put together for this presentation provided the Wells Fargo executives with all of the information that they would need in order to make the right decision.

Briger was particularly intrigued by the fact that Bitcoin could function as a form of digital gold if necessary and he liked that it could be sent to any part of the world instantly.Wells Fargo ended up pulling back and the stage is now set for crypto to become a part of our daily lives. Since Forde has a great deal of experience with cryptocurrency and the support of various evangelists, observers are quietly confident about the future prospects. In the wake of the $3.3 billion SoftBank acquisition, Fortress Investment Group will have the chance to utilize their new parent company’s infrastructure to bring the company forward. SoftBank has the necessary understanding of how technologies will affect their bottom line going forward and they are not looking to change the manner in which Fortress takes care of its business.With a potential ally in Congress and the financial might of SoftBank behind them, the future is bright. For Peter Briger, this is merely the culmination of a very arduous five year journey.

An Alternative Banking Solution

With a revenue of over $1 billion, a net income of well over $180 million, and an established presence in numerous locations with a combined number of employees of well of 2500, we could stop here and there would be no doubt as to how successful this company is. Not to mention, we would also be safe to assume that a company with these accolades, there is also no doubt that they will continue to succeed well into the future. Needless to say, this company is special in many ways. As for who and what this company has done to reach this level of success, it is none other than the alternative banking management company Fortress Investment Group. Since its establishment in the year 1998, which was an amazing 20 years ago, Fortress Investment Group has far surpassed even its own goals as an alternative banking solution.

That’s right, even Fortress Investment Group surely had no idea how huge and crucial they would be but, make no mistake, they are surely satisfied with how they turned out today. Nonetheless, Fortress Investment Group has earned every recognition and bit of success they have as a company. Although the numbers may be one sign of their tremendous efforts, lets no confuse the fact that they have also failed more than most companies in their specific niche. In reality, this is one of the ways that they have become a giant in the alternative banking scene. Through trial and error, Fortress Investment Group has definitely turned their mistakes into huge profits. Although not alarming, Fortress Investment Group has a plethora of ways they have grown into what they are today. So, here is more on the successful ways of Fortress Investment Group and their impact on private equity and investment management.

 Fortress Investment Group & The Impactful Ways

As an alternative banking company, and perhaps as a better description of them, Fortress Investment Group has earned its great reputation as a premier investment management source. Along with many other services, their investment management service has stood out above them all and has made them a household name. In fact, their management and administration abilities with clients and their investments are what turns people onto them over their competitors. Not that there is much competition, to begin with, considering their giant impact as a company but, Fortress Investment Group takes pride in the fact that they were one of the first to take advantage and adapt to changes in the banking and investment field. Because of their early jump, Fortress Investment Group was well ahead of is competition when more and more of the field started turning to alternative banking as a way of investing. Put in other words, Fortress Investment Group deserves more credit for what they have accomplished as an alternative banking solution. Furthermore, if there was any more proof needed to show how great this company is, there is no need to look further than their own employees. Because of their excellent priority of customer and employee care, there is no doubt that Fortress Investment Group will continue to be a leader in their industry.

AvaTrade Review Allows Traders to Invest in Financial Derivatives

AvaTrade provides several global markets on its multi-asset online investment platform for traders to invest in financial derivatives and have tremendous opportunities for successful returns on investment. AvaTrade began operations in Ireland in 2006 and has become one of the strongest online investment brokers in the world. In fact, by providing its 200,000 account holders with a platform to invest in over 250 asset categories, AvaTrade creates the platforms for investors to accomplish their many-faceted investment goals. Furthermore, there are two million financial transactions generated at AvaTrade monthly that has a net worth of over $60 billion.


AvaTrade review is highly respected for his adherence to all government regulations set forth by the Central Bank of Ireland and various other organizations around the globe. AvaTrade has multiple asset categories that traders have the ability to invest in including currencies, bonds, equities, commodities, market stocks, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, and various other lucrative investment assets. Establishing a platform for investors to invest in financial derivatives, AvaTrade is creating opportunities to exponentially increase the leverage of investment dollars provided in initial Investments by account holders.


Financial derivatives are utilized in AvaTrade’s multi-asset investment platforms to provide traders with the ability to capitalize on the increases and decreases in the underlying stocks versus actually investing in the buying and selling of the actual assets. Financial derivatives are used to invest in over 250 different categories of assets without actually owning any of them on the AvaTrade online investment platforms. Traders are actually able to capitalize and create high rates of return on investment without the risk of actually investing in the actual underlying assets. AvaTrade provides access to multiple assets online throughout the global markets and allows traders to invest in the financial derivatives and reap exponential profit margins from the increases and decreases in the asset categories.

The Oxford Club Offers Market Beating Strategies

The Oxford Club can take an ordinary portfolio and jazz it up quite nicely so that portfolio performance is maximized and risk is diminished. With their newsletters and trading services, they highlight the most lucrative market opportunities most of which are outside of the mainstream. In other words, they help investors get in early before the opportunity hits the financial press on a regular basis.

They are a global network of investors and entrepreneurs who are after life-changing wealth that enables one to change their focus to friends, family, and community. The members of The Oxford Club can be found in 131 countries and they number over 157,000. The unique market trends that they highlight are offered in their newsletters and trading services which are assembled by top-level market experts.

Chief Investment Strategist Alexander Green authors their flagship newsletter called the Oxford Communique. This best-selling author offers his analysis of market trends and trading ideas which help members boost their portfolio out of humdrum status. He also writes the popular essay series entitled Beyond Wealth where he offers up interesting commentary on politics, philosophy, and principles for healthy living.

Developing a world-class income portfolio is the chief concern of Marc Lichtenfeld and he offers his insights in The Oxford Income Letter. The analysis of dividend stocks is his forte and he highlights the very best ones to custom design a high performing income portfolio. There’s a world of opportunity in bonds as well and they are covered in this newsletter by Steve McDonald and his wealth of experience.

The Oxford Club is home to 12 distinct trading services that cover every corner of the global markets and each offers unique opportunities. The Momentum Alert takes advantage of decades of academic research regarding momentum stocks which validate the strategy. This trading service effectively pares down the list of high performing stocks that show long-term strength and enables members to jump on board.

Three levels of membership are offered by The Oxford Club and they are Premier, Director’s Circle, and Chairman’s Circle. Each one gives members great value and the chance to succeed in the markets.

Madison Street Capital Emerges Among M&A Advisor Awards Winners

The Chicago-based middle-market investment-banking firm Madison Street Capital spearheaded the leading debt financing deal of 2017, according to M&A Advisor. Madison Street Capital was among the mergers and acquisitions firms and professionals who attended the 16th Annual M&A Advisor Awards held at the Metropolitan Club New York.

Established in 1998, M&A Advisor has carved a niche for itself as the leading advisory firm in the mergers and acquisitions industry. The company started holding its annual event to honor the industry’s leading firms, professionals, and transactions in 2002. The 2017 event saw many high-ranking M&A firms win awards in different categories, ranging from energy deals, financial deals, information technology deals, etc.

Awarding Madison Street Capital “Debt Financing Deal of the Year” award, M&A Advisor’s co-CEO and President David Fergusson heaped praises on the company, terming it a representation of the best in M&A industry in 2017. Fergusson noted that Madison Street Capital beat over 650 participating companies to emerge the winner in the category, stressing that Madison’s opponents were equally excellent.

Present to receive the award was none other than Charles Botchway, Madison Street Capital CEO. Botchway was delighted that his company had grown to command respect in the M&A industry. He credited Barry Petersen, the firm’s managing director, for his work in a transaction that put the company in the limelight, including earning it the M&A Advisor Award.

Apart from M&A firms that were awarded in the event, leading M&A professionals were recognized. Some of them include Robert “Bobby” Blumenfeld and Ceasar N. Anquillare. Blumenfeld received the inaugural Tom Farrell Memorial Award while Anquillare received Leadership Award. Both professionals are senior fellows in leading M&A firms in America.


Madison Street Capital

The Chicago-based firm is the industry’s leading provider of corporate finance and (M&A) advisory services. Madison Street Capital was established in 2005 by two visionary professionals: Anthony Marsala and Charles Botchway. The company currently serves not only North America but also Asia and Africa.

Although Madison Street Capital is a well-known M&A firm, it offers other services to boot. They include business valuation, financial opinions, asset management, etc. The company renders its services guided by some underlying principles such as integrity, excellence, leadership, etc.


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