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A Closer Look at Daniel Mark Harrison

Daniel Mark Harrison is a businessman, author, contributor, and entrepreneur. Daniel Mark Harrison is highly educated with some very impressive education credentials. Mr. Harrison attended New York University where he studied Journalism. In addition, he studied at the University of Oxford as well as the well known Lansing College.

After Harrison decided he had received what he considered “Substantial Education” he decided to move to Singapore. Once Daniel Mark Harrison made his move to Singapore he quickly became a Managing Partner for an organization called Monkey Capital. Harrison quickly became an important corporate leader with Monkey Capital.

Daniel Mark Harrison is quite proud of his accomplishments as well as discoveries since he began his position as Managing Partner at Monkey Capital. Harrison is also currently working on a book which will chronicle his research and discoveries involving the movie industry and blockchain industry. The services Monkey Capital offers its clients makes their goals a great deal easier to achieve. He is also the founder and CEO of Daniel Mark Harrison & Co.

Paul Mampilly’s Path To Success

Paul Mampilly used to be a Wall Street mogul. He then turned and became an investment and research analyst. He opted to help other individuals to make money instead of dealing with the fast pace billion dollar dealings. He first started working at the Bankers Trust. Here, he held the position of the assistant portfolio manager. He then worked and went up the ladder to be an investor in multi-billion firms.

Paul has about 25 years of experience in the investment industry. He has maintained many jobs in the field of finance. He has also been part of the team that manages a 23 billion dollars fund. He has an impressive list of clients like; Swiss private banks, European aristocracy, and also the Templeton Foundation.

Paul Mampilly has been a member of the Sovereign Society since 2016. He is the Senior Editor who specializes in assisting Main Street Americans ways they can make some money in growth investment technology. He retired while he was in his 40s from the Wall Street management experience. In 2009 and 2010, he was able to assist the direct investments at Kinetics International Fund. The institution is a 25 billion dollars hedge fund. The hedge fund was able to make returns of 67 and 20 percent while he was there. In addition to this Paul, has been able to direct investments for the Templeton Foundation.

When he began the Profits Unlimited, he was aiming at guiding Americans to make profitable investments. Every month, therefore, he makes a recommendation for a new stock in eight pages. The advice is usually emailed to the subscribers. Each week, he will update one or two stocks. He then takes the time to track the investment progress on the website. Instead of investing their capital for them the subscribers will tend to purchase the stock their accounts for broking. They, therefore, offer an option to the traditional arrangements.


The ideas that Paul Mampilly generates are based on propriety method. Mr. Mampilly came up with the process by using actual hands on training. The experience that he gained it enabled him to come up with a way that helps one to get maximum return.

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Buffet Wagers $1 Million On Investment Strategy

Warren Buffet has wagered $1 million that he can get better investment returns than a group of hedge fund managers by simply investing in a S&P passive index fund. This money being wagered will benefit charity. The bet will be decided this year, and it looks like Mr. Buffet will collect his money.

Tim Armour agrees with Mr. Buffet. There are too many mediocre and expensive funds that are not good for investors. Investors should have simple and low cost investments that are kept for the long term. Mr. Buffet has proved himself with his rigorous analysis of companies. By building a durable portfolio he has proved himself over many decades. Tim Armour says this is the example most Americans need to follow, and to start saving now for retirement.

In addition to Mr. Buffet’s annual shareholder letter, Tim Armour has added some extra guidance to the average American. The “active vs passive” debate among the industry is not one that is benefiting investors. He says consumers should be wary of product labels. Due to the excessive trading and high management fees, many mutual funds to not offer a great return on investment. While the risks and opportunity costs of passive index’s are usually unknown or underestimated.

Tim Armour argues it is time to dispel the notion that passive index funds are the safe and better path to retirement. They have their place, but offer no protection against down markets. Despite the trillions that flow into passive index funds, almost half of the investors surveyed did not know that they were 100 percent exposed to the vitality and losses during market downturns.

Tim was announced the chairman of Capital group in July of 2015. Tim has 32 years of investment experience all with Capital Group. In his career he has covered global telecommunications and U.S. service companies. He holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Middlebury College.

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