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Sawyer Howitt Will Be a Tremendous Asset to Both His Father and the Meriwether Group

Sawyer Howitt is a young entrepreneur who has the unique ability to understand the minute ins and outs of the financial end of business. He is also adept at connecting with the consumer and can at this young age attend a key meeting and understand the needs of his company, working with complex spreadsheets, presentations of products, or just simply taking notes for further use. For Sawyer Howitt, no job is too small or too big to handle.

He is a seventeen-year-old who is focused on business, finance, and internships. He will attend Columbia University and graduate with a BA in Entrepreneurial Finance in 2022.

Sawyer is at his young age already working alongside his father for the Meriwether Group. The Meriwether Group is a management consulting firm designed to help the entrepreneur to find the right product or brand that will lead him to be a successful business person.

Meriwether Group was designed to help any business minded person, whether they are entrepreneurs or a CEO of an already established business. They are there to help these people to use new strategies that will help them make their business more effective.

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Father and son make a unique team who will teach their clients how to grow their business and amass profits through identifying their target audiences and being able to reinforce their brand.