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Clay Siegall’s fight against cancer

Cancer has become one of the leading killer diseases in the world. More than one point five million people in only the United States are diagnosed with Cancer each year and over half a million don’t make it through treatment. In a study in twenty fourteen, an approximate number of fourteen point five million Americans were living with cancer. With those numbers, it was estimated that ten years from then, the number would clock 19 million. This worrying research led big minds of the likes of Dr. Clay Siegall to research on cancer treatment and diagnosis with the hope of reversing the trend. For years now, chemotherapy and radiation have been the preferred methods to dealing with cancer but these treatments most of the time go south on the patients. These trends have been a trigger for more research by thousands of doctors, researchers and geneticists to look for favorable treatments. Through their advance in the knowledge of human genetics, they are changing the diagnosis and treat different cancers in different ways.

Dr. Clay B. Siegall, a visionary and a passionate doctor has devoted his time to research and tirelessly funded companies that push to discover cancer treatments today. Through these advanced medical and scientific research, scientists are now able to predict and pinpoint occurrence of cancer and tiny genetic code errors. Genetic coding or DNA tests help to identify effective treatments which have proven effective with over 31 thousand patients already going through the test. The human body has over twenty thousand genes, a tiny bit of error is a big deal since it can trigger cancer and other problems.

Dr. Clay B. Siegall is the CEO of Seattle Genetics based in Seattle. Founded in 1998, Seattle Genetics is a biotech firm which specializes in the development of target therapy drugs for disease types that haven’t had morality improvements in years. Dr. Clay is a graduate of The University of Maryland with a B.S. in Zoology and a Ph.D. in Genetics from (GWU) George Washington University. With the leadership of Dr. Siegall, Seattle Genetics has developed from a small startup with a small research crew to a very important team in the cancer research goal. Through his authority, the company is well equipped to move into the drug development business of the 21st Century.

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