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Victoria Doramus Featured on Ideamensch with Insightful Interview

Victoria Doramus was recently featured on the Ideamensch website where she was interviewed. She studied at the University of Colorado where she obtained her BA in mass communication and journalism. She has also worked with a variety of companies for advertising, branding, and communication and is always seeking to improve and intertwine the fields. She has worked with companies like Mindshare, Creative Arts Agency, Stila Cosmetics, and Trendera.

Victoria Doramus is also a dedicated philanthropist. She focuses on helping a variety of charities like Room to Read and Best Friends Animal Society. She wants to focus on helping others make their dreams a reality in the same way she has been able to.

One trend in the marketing industry that Victoria Doramus is incredibly excited about at the moment is the “bring your own data” in health apps. Not only can the smart technology manage and track calories, the sleep cycle, and the heart rate, but it can also measure your blood pressure and how often you meditate. Doramus even uses a tracker on her dog’s collar to keep track of him. She believes the wearable technology is incredibly helpful in staying healthy. It allows the technology to actually put the data to use on a day to day basis.

One of her productivity hacks as an entrepreneur is to carry a to-do list of everything that she needs to accomplish the next day. This handwritten list is her one moment of straying from technology. She finds the feeling of writing it out by hand to be an effective way to keep her on track with what she needs to accomplish throughout the day.

Victoria Doramus would also give her younger self the advice of learning how to have self-confidence earlier. She believes that self-efficacy is a key to everything, from your business life to your personal life. She reveals that she has had many failures over the course of her career, but it was when she was able to take responsibility for her mistakes that she was able to move forward. She believes failure is a good opportunity to learn the difficult truths about oneself.

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Steve Ritchie Talks To Papa John’s Franchise Owners, Managers, And Team Members

Steve Ritchie is the president and chief executive officer of Papa John’s International, Inc. He became president in July 2015 and CEO in January 2018. As per Wikipedia, in order to find out what was happening on the local level, he recently went on a tour of some of this pizza chain’s franchises. He said he wanted to personally hear from franchise owners, managers, and team members.

On this tour, Steve Ritchie wanted to know they felt about Papa John’s, what types of support they required, and how the company could do better in the future. He visited locations in Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta, Detroit, and Atlanta. He said that the people he met are the most important thing about the company and that without them the company wouldn’t even exist.

Many of the franchise owners told Steve Ritchie that their managers and team members are a part of their family. There was also talk of supporting local schools and nonprofits. Everyone cares about the community they work in because they are a part of it. He said that the teams often emphasized that they wanted to do their part to move Papa John’s forward.

Steve Ritchie Papa Johns said that what he most heard was passion and commitment about delivering a great experience to customers. He says that he is going to continue listening to these people as well as the customers of Papa John’s around the world. He is dedicated to doing whatever is needed to build a better company for everyone on the Papa John’s team and its customers.

On his crunchbase profile, it mentioned that Steve Ritchie has been a part of the Papa John’s team since May 1996. He worked his way up and eventually owned his own franchise location. He joined this company’s corporate headquarters in January 2002 when he became the director of operations. Other positions he held included senior vice president of global operations and global OST as well as chief operating officer.


Take your career further at Organo Gold University

Organo Gold is a global marketing company that distributes premium products such as beverages, nutraceuticals and personal care products through independent distributors all over the world. The company is on a mission to change lives by allowing individuals balance, freedom and healthy lifestyles through their premium products, services and business opportunities. Organo Gold takes pride in bringing the treasures of the Earth to the people of the world.

Organo Gold has made it their mission to allow flexibility and stability among their distributors. They have set out goals to advance the careers of their distributors all over the world. Organo Gold University was created to provide training and support resources to launch and maintain a successful Organo Gold business. Organo Gold University is an online platform for members of the community to learn and engage with other members on how to leverage power to support their independent business.


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Members can connect with one another via forum boards, messenger and video blogs. Members have the ability to upload photos of their successes and build relationships with other members within the Organo Gold University. Unlike you’re typical university, Organo Gold is strictly online with no classroom attendance necessary. Members have access to webinars, blogs and monthly subscriptions which will help them elevate their business. Special events are also posted within Organo University and members are the first to know and register for upcoming events.

Organo Gold University was created in mind to assist with the development of its associates. Organo Gold takes pride in their employees and believes that investing in their talent will only allow for the company to further expand. In order to register for Organo Gold University, a person must first be an active distributor of Organo Gold. Business is growing and being a part of Organo Gold University will only further assist in the growth of one’s business.

sunami XR Founder Alex Hern Opens Up On His Entrepreneurship Strategies

TTsunami XR Founder Alex Hern Opens Up On His Entrepreneurship Strategies

For five decades, Alex Hern has been in the entrepreneurship sector, focusing on startups in the tech space. Through INKT led by Inktomi and Goldman Sachs, Hern directed the company into powering search engines like Yahoo, AOL, and MSN. He also co-founded and directed operations at the 650 million dollars-worth email marketing and online directory firm known as YESM. He has been in multiple roles in the tech space in various organizations such as Cloudshield, Triton Network Systems, Zero Knowledge Systems, and ARST. In an interview with Ideamensch, Alex Hern sheds light on his recent invention – Tsunami XR – and how he maintains productivity. To start with, the idea of Tsunami XR emanates from the changing technological and computing space.

The new devices graphic procession capabilities, as the result of GPU-CPU transformation, created a gap that Hern wanted to fill, leading to the birth of Tsunami XR. Alex Hern, who has spent 25 years in the technology sector, uses four to five hours daily to concentrate on his company’s growth and goals. On the other hand, he spends the undistracted nights to build and devise new projects. However, maintaining consistency is the key towards achieving the goals. Focus, though difficult to obtain, also plays a vital role in achieving goals. As a tech-savvy entrepreneur, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are Alex Hern exciting trends. He has modified these trends in the development of the Tsunami XR tool. On the issue of multitasking,

Alex Hern states that it is unproductive to multitask. Instead, people should eliminate distractive devices and platforms, like phones and social media, and focus on their goals for a set period daily. In addition, taking enough time to make long-term decisions is critical in ensuring long-term productivity. Regarding the growth of his business and his entrepreneurial life, Alex Hern admits that he wakes up early and maintains consistency. Besides, he partners with solution providers and focuses on customer needs. But despite his strict entrepreneurial guidelines, Hern admits that uncontrollable macroeconomic conditions can affect businesses. However, executives should anticipate for such changes through preparations. Finally, Alex Hern encourages scientists and engineers to utilize the Tsunami XR platform in maintaining their productivity, not forgetting studying ‘The One Thing’ – a book that increases focus.

OSI Food Solutions – Responsible Industry Leader

OSI Food Solutions – Innovative Leader of the Market

OSI Food Solutions is a well respected industry leader in the food market. They are a revolutionary company who consistently innovates and delivers new solutions to the industry. The organization is seen as the industry leader because of the advanced ways the company handles business. OSI is a socially responsible company who aims to have little impact on the environment and efficiently delivers their products to their clients. The company has paved the way as a leader for others in the space to follow. The CEO of OSI Solutions is Sheldon Lavin who has been with the organization since 1970.

Recent Organization Growth & Advancement

One of OSI Food Solutions major customers is McDonalds. The restaurant chain has been able to grow and be successful due to revolutionary processes put into place by OSI. OSI Food Solutions has been able to improve processes which increase efficiency. The company has been influential in their efficiency capabilities. In addition, acquisitions have been important to continued success. OSI Food has recently acquired Baho food. Also, the influential organization purchased A Tyson Food Plant. With the business advancements the company has recently made, they have been able to double their chicken production capacity. This is significant because this gives OSI a competitive advantage over their competitors in the industry. OSI has a proven track record of success. Double their chicken production capacity is proof of their efficiency and commitment to success. The company consistently ranks in Americas top 100 food companies. They have dedicated employees who strive to live out the mission and goal of the company. Having talented employees help the company be successful and reach new heights in terms of growth, efficiency, and innovation. Under the visionary leadership of proven executives, OSI Food Solutions have the resources and potential to continue their success as one of the industry leaders.

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The Importance of Equal Wages As Discussed by Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe has worked very hard to build a business where women can thrive. One thing that she has worked at when it comes to women’s equality is money. After all, women need money as well so that they will be able to support themselves. Whitney Wolfe is one of those people that have seen the difference that each penny would make in the lives of women. She has also been made aware of the issue in the workplace where women are being paid less. This has inspired her to correct the issue that women have been facing for years.

She has noticed that men get paid a little more than women for work. She has also noticed that men and women handle asking for money differently. Men have a little less of a problem asking for a raise. One thing that happens is that they feel better after asking for a raise. Meanwhile, women would feel guilty for asking for more money so that they can get what they need. This is one area where Whitney Wolfe helps women out. She has built her business so that women are able to support themselves in a much better fashion than with other business.

Of course being a business owner, Whitney Wolfe does not have to worry about asking for more money. This is one of the benefits of being a business owner. The business owner gets to have the most money. However, she has to decide on what she can do in order to make sure that the pay is fair. She pays people according to the living expenses and other factors. She is also very respectful to single mothers. They have the hardest jobs in and out of the workplace. They have to make sure that they are taking care of their children. Whitney respects that among all other things.

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Shervin Pishevar Anticipates Dark Future for US Economy and Institutions

In early February 2018, some dark predictions were made for the US economy, government, big businesses, and other institutions. Shervin Pishevar voiced his concerns on Twitter, sending out 50 separate points that mostly focused on the reasons why there are unstable conditions in the United States and why conditions will get worse before they will get better.


Shervin Pishevar said that in order for everyone to enjoy a global economy that is frictionless and more efficient, middlemen need to become irrelevant. He has often talked about having a more transparent society without bottlenecks on innovation.


Shervin Pishevar is an entrepreneur and super angel investor. One of the companies he is most well-known for is his startup Hyperloop One. The idea for this company came from Elon Musk. Its focus is creating a transportation system that can travel at high speeds and will not create pollution. He is also a member of a committee that has the responsibility of deciding who will receive Fulbrights every year. It seems like he has a knack for predicting the future, especially when looking at how he predicted the crisis Facebook would go through.


Part of the 21 hour Twitter storm unleashed by Shervin Pishevar focused on institutions, both governmental and financial, that he feels are facing a reckoning of irrelevance. He feels that this irrelevance is going to come as a result of a revolution in digital currencies. Nowadays, startup companies have a variety of digital currencies and methods of fundraising to choose from. He feels that this is something that will spur the economy onward.


Shervin Pishevar anticipated negative things for big companies in the United States, particularly Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. At best, he feels like they will lose their influence. At worst, he feels like these big companies may completely fall. Their ability to buy out the competition gives them the power of nation-states. However, Shervin Pishevar feels that this is something that can cause the entire system to fail. He explains that it is just the way evolution works. A forest fire burns old trees and makes way for new ones.

Talk Fusions New App A Revolutionary Video Marketing Product

There are many companies out there that are trying to get an edge over the competition as well as the lead in their respective niches. The only way to ensure that happens is through innovative marketing techniques, and one of the most unique marketing techniques in today’s date is video marketing. There are tons of companies out there that are providing marketing services, but none of them matches the level of products and services offered by Talk Fusion, a leading video marketing firm. Talk Fusion started in the year of 2007 as a video marketing firm in the age when not many people knew or understood what video marketing was back then. However, video marketing has gone on to become one of the most effective means of marketing today with some of the leading companies using it to reach out to its consumers.


Talk Fusion is a company that provides many different kinds of video marketing products, the latest of which is the Fusion on the Go video chat app. It is a video chat app like no other in the market and has a unique set of features that can be used to provide the users with the flexibility as well as scalability in the usage. Many companies have used the Fusion on the Go app for reaching out to the clients as well as to provide engaging and impressive customer service. In today’s date, the marketing methods have to be innovative to leave a lasting impact, and it is what video marketing helps in achieving. Talk Fusion is a company that operates on the direct selling method and has its members spread in more than 140 countries promoting the use of Talk Fusion’s products and services. Learn more:


The new app released by Talk Fusion has made it easier for its users to meet and interact with their associates. A lot of research and testing has gone into creating the new app, and it already has a growing number of users. The company aims to add more features to the app moving forward and is sure that its users are going to enjoy using it.


DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani is Distinguished as Top Developer on Forbes Global List!

Due to his leadership and creative business skills, Emirati native, Hussain Sajwani’s firm has been ranked number one on the Forbes 2017 Global 2000 list. DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani is Founder and Chairman of DAMAC Properties. Chief Executive Officer Hussain Sajwani is recognized for the branded excellence he brings to each development installment. His sense of elegance and style sets the bar for high-end luxury residences. He started the company in 2002, after a successful residential building investment in Dubai. The accomplished pioneer structured a monetized deal prior to the project reaching construction phase.

From there, DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani moved his Middle Eastern development firm to the top of the industry, delivering memorable residential assets. Mr. Sajwani’s latest deployment surrounds the 1.7 million square foot development AYKON Plaza overlooking the Dubai Canal. The bold endeavor consists of 6 luxury towers situated in a town-like infrastructure. This will be the second premium tower installment, with others to follow. The locale is built to amaze, it offers stately residences, serviced apartments, and generous office and hotel spaces.

DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani adds significant flair that takes this project over the top by incorporating unrivaled amenities of spas, swimming pools, lounges, restaurants, cafes, and fitness facilities throughout the plaza. Like prior prestigious projects in exotic lands, the company will generate an unceasing buzz of city spark and social enjoyments. Mr. Sajwani’s real estate portfolio reflects his vision and leadership-he has engineered over 19,000 apartments and has over 44,00 units undergoing various stages of planning. Mr. Sajwani has led DAMAC Properties to the trading arena, being recognized as the first Middle Eastern company to be listed on the London Stock Exchange. He also achieved such accolades as the Property CEO of the Year from CEO Middle East Awards of 2017. The visionary was also listed as one of the 100 most globally influential Arabs. Mr. Sajwani leads by example in positioning his business in a stellar position for success and sustainable growth.

A Visit to HCR Advisors Might Be Just What You Need

A lot of people can relate to the experience of having trouble dealing with their finances. Only a privileged few are able to say that they never have to worry about money. Fortunately, there are firms that are willing to help you reach your financial goals.


The Sandwich Generation


HCR Wealth Advisors is a registered investment advisory firm that helps clients create personalized financial strategies. One group in particular that benefits a lot from financial advice are those in the so-called Sandwich Generation. These are people who have children relying on them to help pay for college expenses and, at the same time, have parents who might also require some financial assistance in their retirement. It is a very tight spot to be in, trying to increase your own savings while supporting your children and your parents.


Life Changes All the Time


There is a famous quote that the only two sure things in life are death and taxes. Most of us can relate to that on some level or another. We understand that we are not going to escape either one of those things, but beyond that it is hard to predict what else will take place in our lives. Therefore, it is smart to prepare for the unexpected.


Focus on Yourself First


The reality is that we have to focus on our own finances first. This means prioritizing preparing for retirement before trying to help out other people in the family. This is not about being mean or cold-hearted. Rather, it is about doing what you have to in order to ensure that you are not put in a position having to rely on the help of others in the future.


Have a Frank Conversation with Family Members


Sometimes there is just no getting around having some very honest conversations with family members. It is the only way to help everyone understand that while they are deeply loved by you, you may not always be able to help them.

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