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Beneful Is Helping Dogs and Owners Alike Make Healthy Choices

Anyone who’s had to work on fitness or nutrition can attest to how difficult it can be. It’s hard to keep up with the latest nutritional research and ensure that breakfasts prepare one for the day ahead. It’s difficult even with most news sources there to help people keep up with research. That’s why it’s even harder to keep up with the nutritional needs of one’s dog. Thankfully there’s a few dog food manufacturers who keep up with the latest research in canine health so that owners don’t need to.

Beneful is one of the most prominent, and it’s obvious why from their name. Beneful is constantly working to help dogs get the full nutritional benefit of a healthy diet. One of their most noteworthy new items has been tweaked to provide a lot more of the nutrition dogs need. The Beneful grain free line of products removes grain from the recipe and packs in a lot more proteins and healthy vegetables. One of the biggest differences is that it offers increased bioavailability of nutrients that dogs need. Grain is somewhat similar to empty calories for people. It can be tasty, but it’s not really offering much in terms of nutrition.

Proteins, on the other hand, are exactly what dogs crave. It provides the kind of energy that their ancestors received in the wild. And Beneful has even taken individual tastes into account with the protein choices. If a dog’s favorite protein is chicken, for example, than the grain free chicken recipe is tailor made for him. Beneful definition makes sure that dog food isn’t just healthy, but tasty as well.

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