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Jed McCaleb Makes Exciting Prediction for 2028

Jed McCaleb, a true pioneer in the blockchain world, has made a bolt and exciting prediction for the not-so-distant future. He predicts that in the next 10-years blockchain technology and the banking system will be seamlessly interwoven.


Jed McCaleb first made a name for himself during his world wit decentralized file transferring protocols. Jed’s originally idea has been expanded on over the entire existence of the internet and is still used today to transfer files between users. He created two companies with this technology: eDonkey and Overnet. Eventually the two companies merged as one.


McCaleb entered the blockchain world with Mt. Gox, one of the worlds first global bitcoin exchanges. The company began as a simple marketplace for video gamers, but quickly realizing his tech’s potential, McCaleb switched focus.


All of McCaleb’s ventures led to him creating Stellar, a blockchain technology that works with financial institutions to provide cheaper transaction costs. As Stellar’s CTO, McCaleb has all the knowledge to make a ground breaking prediction.


“In the future,” McCaleb began. “I think it’s pretty clear to me there will be a universal payments network that will operate.” McCaleb could be speaking from his own knowledge of what Stellar is capable of. Stellar is in the process of meeting all the demands that McCaleb later laid out.


McCaleb says that the future global network must be able to operate with every currency in the world. This network must also be able to make transactions cheaper than other methods and keep their records on a public ledger. Blockchain is already the safest, most secure transaction method offered today.


There are hundreds of other blockchain companies out there. Securrency, one such company, is already working to trade stocks with bitcoin.


Stellar is already working with dozens of companies all over the world to bring banking options to countries that previously didn’t have them. Stellar has operations all through-out the South Pacific and even works with the IBM, the tech giant, to make it possible for them to conduct transactions all across the world.

AvaTrade Review Allows Traders to Invest in Financial Derivatives

AvaTrade provides several global markets on its multi-asset online investment platform for traders to invest in financial derivatives and have tremendous opportunities for successful returns on investment. AvaTrade began operations in Ireland in 2006 and has become one of the strongest online investment brokers in the world. In fact, by providing its 200,000 account holders with a platform to invest in over 250 asset categories, AvaTrade creates the platforms for investors to accomplish their many-faceted investment goals. Furthermore, there are two million financial transactions generated at AvaTrade monthly that has a net worth of over $60 billion.


AvaTrade review is highly respected for his adherence to all government regulations set forth by the Central Bank of Ireland and various other organizations around the globe. AvaTrade has multiple asset categories that traders have the ability to invest in including currencies, bonds, equities, commodities, market stocks, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, and various other lucrative investment assets. Establishing a platform for investors to invest in financial derivatives, AvaTrade is creating opportunities to exponentially increase the leverage of investment dollars provided in initial Investments by account holders.


Financial derivatives are utilized in AvaTrade’s multi-asset investment platforms to provide traders with the ability to capitalize on the increases and decreases in the underlying stocks versus actually investing in the buying and selling of the actual assets. Financial derivatives are used to invest in over 250 different categories of assets without actually owning any of them on the AvaTrade online investment platforms. Traders are actually able to capitalize and create high rates of return on investment without the risk of actually investing in the actual underlying assets. AvaTrade provides access to multiple assets online throughout the global markets and allows traders to invest in the financial derivatives and reap exponential profit margins from the increases and decreases in the asset categories.

The Oxford Club Offers Market Beating Strategies

The Oxford Club can take an ordinary portfolio and jazz it up quite nicely so that portfolio performance is maximized and risk is diminished. With their newsletters and trading services, they highlight the most lucrative market opportunities most of which are outside of the mainstream. In other words, they help investors get in early before the opportunity hits the financial press on a regular basis.

They are a global network of investors and entrepreneurs who are after life-changing wealth that enables one to change their focus to friends, family, and community. The members of The Oxford Club can be found in 131 countries and they number over 157,000. The unique market trends that they highlight are offered in their newsletters and trading services which are assembled by top-level market experts.

Chief Investment Strategist Alexander Green authors their flagship newsletter called the Oxford Communique. This best-selling author offers his analysis of market trends and trading ideas which help members boost their portfolio out of humdrum status. He also writes the popular essay series entitled Beyond Wealth where he offers up interesting commentary on politics, philosophy, and principles for healthy living.

Developing a world-class income portfolio is the chief concern of Marc Lichtenfeld and he offers his insights in The Oxford Income Letter. The analysis of dividend stocks is his forte and he highlights the very best ones to custom design a high performing income portfolio. There’s a world of opportunity in bonds as well and they are covered in this newsletter by Steve McDonald and his wealth of experience.

The Oxford Club is home to 12 distinct trading services that cover every corner of the global markets and each offers unique opportunities. The Momentum Alert takes advantage of decades of academic research regarding momentum stocks which validate the strategy. This trading service effectively pares down the list of high performing stocks that show long-term strength and enables members to jump on board.

Three levels of membership are offered by The Oxford Club and they are Premier, Director’s Circle, and Chairman’s Circle. Each one gives members great value and the chance to succeed in the markets.

The Industry Innovations of Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest is a star and he is still rising. In the international scene, he is developing more television shows for his portfolio. At the moment, he has 12 shows that he is working on. He is preparing to host another season of American Idol. Ryan Seacrest is a bonafide entrepreneur, and he does not plan on stopping there. He is undergoing hi transition into fashion. By signing a deal with Macy’s, he has created a fashion line that will be available across America. His many investments include apps like Headspace and Pinterest. He also has endorsements from major companies like Coca Cola and Ford. He is the winner of American Idol from a few years ago, and now he is a regular host on the show. He hosts his own radio show and a talk show. Ryan Seacrest has a big following of more than 20 million people. His career in entertainment has enabled him to become a philanthropist and branch out into other industries as well.


Ryan Seacrest’s ambition knows no boundaries. He will not stop at entertainment and fashion. He plans to continue his bountiful growth. He started his career in fashion after winning American Idol. His mentor, Christopher Bailey, has taught him what it means to have great clothes. A man on the move must be ready for any circumstance. The clothes that he designs are created to be worn in any condition. They are perfect for the plane, for television, and for the boardroom. The modern man is prepared for all of these occasions, and Ryan Seacrest has brought that into the world of fashion. His clothes are versatile and comfortable.


The deal with Macy’s is an exclusive deal. The price point is set to be accessible to Americans from every walk of life. Ryan Seacrest wanted this so that all of his fans could experience the joy of premium fashion. The fashion forward approach that he brought into his clothes is one that is going to serve the industry well in the long run. Ryan Seacrest has developed a unique fashion line that appeals to the modern man, and he plans to stay on top of the market.

Ronald Fowlkes Article

For more than 20 years Ronald Fowlkes has made the most of his ex-military insight and law enforcement expertise to develop and sell tactical gear and commercial equipment.

Fowlkes, who served in the United States Marine Corps from 1989-1993, is a veteran of the First Gulf War. After completing his duty, he made the most of his experience and joined the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department where for about ten years he was a police officer and a certified instructor in tactical rifle, shoot house and SWAT/URBAN warfare tactics and more. He also investigated illegal drugs, guns and gang activities.

He is currently the business development manager at Eagle Industries which manufactures products for the military, law enforcement and homeland security. Eagle Industries products include weaponry and extraction belts, weaponry cases, ammo and storage pouches and more. He also recently became a co-owner and director of business development at FirstSpear.

Fowlkes gave the details of how he continually came across FirstSpear equipment during his time in the Marines and how impressed he was with how well made it was and how long it lasted. He also pointed out that FirstSpear builds “the Ferrari of the tactical world,” (

Making money for FirstSpear involves attending trade shows, participating in regular marketing activities as well as through local and state law enforcement contacts and word of mouth, according to Fowlkes.

Fowlkes is enthusiastic about the company’s future with the expansion of an advanced element that targets security personnel. He called attention to the Tier 1 Operator, making certain they have the finest equipment and how satisfied everyone is with the latest innovations.

For example, FirstSpear’s laser cutting and tube technology has reduced the load by nearly 40 percent.

As an entrepreneur, Fowlkes highlighted how essential it is to surround yourself with good people who you can learn from and who can learn from you. Delegating is important too.

He also indicated how significant it is to concentrate on the needs of your customers as they drive the growth of any business.

One concept that works for Fowlkes is that he benefits from writing everything down. This habit began with his days in the Marine Corps when he learned to keep a journal. He continues to make lists which help him maintain a record of what has been accomplished and what has yet to be accomplished. He indicated any work that is unfinished gets passed on to the next day’s list.

Away from work Fowlkes, who is a devoted ice hockey fan, coaches his son’s hockey team.


Dr. Saad Saad’s Guiding Principles Towards A Successful Career

Dr, Saad isn’t just one of the most accomplished pediatric surgeons in the United States but has also contributed immensely towards the improvement of pediatric care. In his long and colorful career as a pediatric surgeon, spanning over 47 years, Dr. saadhas not only helped improve the quality of care to his child-patients but has also made innovative changes that disrupt pediatric surgeries.


These have not only helped improve the level of care he delivers to his patients, but some of his techniques have also gone on to save numerous lives while contributing to the speedy recovery of his patients. Dr. Saad is also quite generous with life tips especially the principles that he has stood by in life that eventually formed the base his success as a career surgeon. Here are two such principles: Learn more:


  1. Settling for nothing short of success in all your endeavors


Early on in life, Saad made up his mind about pursuing a career in medicine. And even in the face of numerous seemingly impossible barriers like been a stateless teenager in Kuwait or an immigrant in the United States, he did not waver. He reminisces on the thought that the best advice that his father gave him was that with the education he could accomplish anything he wanted to in life.


He, therefore, quadrupled his efforts in education, a fact that saw him graduate atop his class with honors in medicine. When he moved to the United States, Saad he set up his mind on to becoming a US Board Certified Pediatric surgeon. He then delved into education and research which saw him board-certified in the mid-80’s. The fact that he was the only board-certified pediatric surgeon fluent in both English and Arabic languages at the time scored him a position with the Arab Royal family as the family doctor for their children.


  1. Never procrastinate


Dr. Saad points out to the maximum use of time every day and not procrastinating on what is required of him as the pillars behind his successful career. He lives by the rule that you should never wait for tomorrow to do what you could have done today. According to Saad, reaching your goals is never impossible. You only have to set clear goals and set out on achieving them and make maximum use of every nick of time at your disposal.


About Dr. SaadSaad


Saad was born in Palestine in Palestine in 1940’s where he spent most of his childhood days. His family would later relocate too West Banks during the creation of the state of Israel. They then migrated to Kuwait when his father secured a job as a petroleum expert and spent most of his educational days here. Saad only moved to the United States after his university education in search of a better career opportunity in his specialty field of medicine.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco: Bradesco Appoints New President

Currently CEO of Banco Bradesco S.A. beginning in 2009, Luiz Carlos Trabuco is staying in his executive position for now. Since his tenure is almost up as the head of Bradesco, this change inevitably happened to occur right before what would have been his 10 year anniversary. The bank will be bring in new leadership soon when Trabuco finally steps down.

Growth was seen in the financial sector, and there is still a change underway that involves Trabuco as well as Lazari. Many bankers are very optimistic of the national economy for 2018 according to Inflation that is steady, interest rates that are not too high, and steady GDP growth make a tough argument for change. Lazari stresses how they must continue this current method for success. Certainly, Lazari, as well as Trabuco both remind all that pension reform is important for the overall benefit.


As explained by Trabuco, the choice of president took months to happen, seeing as there were so many candidates. Ultimately his experience help to increase the leverage of the sole positioning for Lazari. Bradesco even points out the individual merits of Lazari Junior. These are recognized by his companions as mentioned in a statement released by Bradesco. Lazari has experience in the area of credit, where he was responsible for many items. In turn it moved him to higher ranks as he would lead the Bradesco Seguros Group.

Bradesco Seguros made the announcement that it has ended the year 2017 on the upward trend. Revenues in the amount of $76.3 billion Reals means that an increase of 6.8% was seen when compared to the year 2016. A result of such an increase is the company gained a market share of 26%. This happens to be the best percentage of the last few years. Keeping interest rates low, a growing GDP, and ensuring unemployment is under control gives many reasons for optimism. Lazari is staying firm in his goals in regard to the company. Lazari is quoted saying, “We must have a much better year than the years before.”

With his current term finally coming to a close, lets take a look at a few of Luiz Trabuco’s moments with the company as he turns over his title and position to Lazari Junior. He has been the Chief Executive Officer of Banco Bradesco S.A. since 2009 and also served as its Executive V.P.. His duration at this position ends when Lazari Junior begins his new job. He began his professional activities at Bradesco during April of 1969, and has had quite the career in banking over so many years recorded.

For more information about Luiz Carlos Trabuco, just click here.

Madison Street Capital Emerges Among M&A Advisor Awards Winners

The Chicago-based middle-market investment-banking firm Madison Street Capital spearheaded the leading debt financing deal of 2017, according to M&A Advisor. Madison Street Capital was among the mergers and acquisitions firms and professionals who attended the 16th Annual M&A Advisor Awards held at the Metropolitan Club New York.

Established in 1998, M&A Advisor has carved a niche for itself as the leading advisory firm in the mergers and acquisitions industry. The company started holding its annual event to honor the industry’s leading firms, professionals, and transactions in 2002. The 2017 event saw many high-ranking M&A firms win awards in different categories, ranging from energy deals, financial deals, information technology deals, etc.

Awarding Madison Street Capital “Debt Financing Deal of the Year” award, M&A Advisor’s co-CEO and President David Fergusson heaped praises on the company, terming it a representation of the best in M&A industry in 2017. Fergusson noted that Madison Street Capital beat over 650 participating companies to emerge the winner in the category, stressing that Madison’s opponents were equally excellent.

Present to receive the award was none other than Charles Botchway, Madison Street Capital CEO. Botchway was delighted that his company had grown to command respect in the M&A industry. He credited Barry Petersen, the firm’s managing director, for his work in a transaction that put the company in the limelight, including earning it the M&A Advisor Award.

Apart from M&A firms that were awarded in the event, leading M&A professionals were recognized. Some of them include Robert “Bobby” Blumenfeld and Ceasar N. Anquillare. Blumenfeld received the inaugural Tom Farrell Memorial Award while Anquillare received Leadership Award. Both professionals are senior fellows in leading M&A firms in America.


Madison Street Capital

The Chicago-based firm is the industry’s leading provider of corporate finance and (M&A) advisory services. Madison Street Capital was established in 2005 by two visionary professionals: Anthony Marsala and Charles Botchway. The company currently serves not only North America but also Asia and Africa.

Although Madison Street Capital is a well-known M&A firm, it offers other services to boot. They include business valuation, financial opinions, asset management, etc. The company renders its services guided by some underlying principles such as integrity, excellence, leadership, etc.


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Boraie — The City Savior

Boraie Development has been ahead of the developing world for ages. They have spotted the potential of property in New Brunswick, New Jersey four decades ago. It was always on the mind of Omar Baraie, the president of Boraie Development. He is now 73 years old and just as wise and warm hearted as ever. He rubs his chin as he remembers fondly the thoughts of past years. “When we started in 1972, it was awful… [but] this is an area where we can do something with.” he now knows that to be the truth and his former detractors are listening in. His advice is more valuable than gold.

There is currently a 250 apartment home development in the process of coming to Atlantic City. It is being built as of this year and once it is complete the property value in the area is set to skyrocket. It will be the first marketable building built in the last 25 years. This is a major development for the people of Atlantic City. Boraie Development is at the head of the development project. It is being called the Beach at South inlet and it is currently valued at $81 million. The property will serve more than 50,000 people who live and work in the town. It is filled with mostly resorts so the tourists will flock to the new development with modern upgrades. It is a fresh look for Atlantic City. You can visit their website

According to Rutgers, the previous 10 years have been hard on Atlantic City. The decline in casino revenue and the decay of the gaming industry hit the city hard. It left a mark on the local economy that seemed almost impossible to bounce back from. But, the perseverance and foresight of Boraie Development have the possibility to turn it all around. New projects like the gateway project are countering the gaming industry’s black mark and bringing new light to a bleak situation. The economy is beginning to stabilize. Next, Boraie will be investing on housing stock for the city in an attempt to bring in permanent residents. This will further bolster the economy and bring a new light to the city. The fresh start will bring in a renewed sense of hope and will make the economy healthy again.

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Robert Ivy On How Architects Can Contribute To Better Health

In the past, Architects role in promoting health was through designing a building that has access to sunlight. But today there are more issues faced by society. Chronic illnesses like diabetes and obesity are a threat to America’s health. How then can Architects change such matters? Through design, thinking says Robert Ivy.

Robert Ivy who is the chief executive officer and executive vice president of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) believes that architects designs and planning have an impact on health. The head of AIA which is currently at 87,890 members is coming together with other members to advocate for physical exercise, proper sunlight, redesigning public parks for the well being of the citizens. He seeks to educate the public through creating awareness of choosing to use the stairs while going to the office or home for increased physical activity.

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The AIA is on a ten-year plan from 2012 to come up solutions on how to build sustainable and resilient buildings for the well of the public. Involving institutions of learning to offer architectural courses that are focused on design health is crucial. The number of bachelor degrees that focus on sustainable designs needs to increase in the universities. As such, it is granting university funds to research the same. It is also sensitizing architects on choosing raw materials that will build a healthy system. It is estimated that the world’s population will rise to 9.8 billion in 2050 according to the United Nations. With the planets, limited resources more need to be done to promote sustainability.

Some of the institutions participating in the combination of both design and public health are; College of Architecture at Texas Tech University will be offering a Master of Science in Architecture with a specialty in Design and Health. A course on the effects of structures on health is being offered at the Harvard University Chan School of Public Health. In a few years, we will see a new generation of professionals who will be focused on solving the actual problems facing society.

Robert Ivy Fala has a Masters of Architecture from Tulane University. He also has a BA in English from the University of the South. While working as the Editor in Chief at the Architectural Record, the magazine won several awards such as the General Excellence under the American society of magazine editors. He published his book Fay Jones: Architect in 2001. Fay Jones: Architect is now in its third edition. In 2010 he was named the Master Architect by Alpha Rio Chi the National Architecture Fraternity. He is currently a member of advisory boards in different schools; Tongji University School of Architecture and Urban Planning in Shanghai China, Auburn University’s Rural Studio, Tulane University, and Mississippi state university.