Fabletics-Breaking the Athleisure Mold

Fabletics didn’t grow overnight. In fact, they decided to take a slower route to success to really get to know their customers. This is known as “reverse showrooming,”¬†and it has proven to be a very smart business move. Many times shoppers will browse products only to buy them elsewhere at a better price but with Fabletics, customers are already getting the best price, and their products are one-of-a-kind. This means that 30 to 50 percent of their in-store customers are already customers. About 25 percent of their in-store shoppers will become members. No matter what Fabletics customers buy or where they buy it, it all counts towards their shopping cart as well. Many companies follow the more traditional “pop up” method of growing their business, but Fabletics knows that slow and steady wins the race. The company may have grown more gradually, but they managed to wedge into a market primarily dominated by large companies such as Amazon.


When new members join the club, they are always encouraged to fill out what is known as the Lifestyle Quiz. This quiz helps Fabletics to match each and every one of their customers with a personalized shopping experience.


Kate Hudson may not have a business degree but she has an eye for fashion, and she is very personable making her east to work with. She is very involved with her company, and she keeps a close eye on what is popular with her customers and what is not.


Hudson is getting a following, and even the celebrity crowd is jumping on the Fabletics bandwagon. Demi Lovato is a big fan, and she loves all that Fabletics stands for-empowerment and feeling great in your own skin. She loves the clothes and feels that Fabletics is very inspiring-which is exactly what Hudson was going for. Kate Hudson is a great advocate for the growing company because she leads an active lifestyle and even wears athleisure fashion form her own clothing line. She is very passionate about Fabletics and she stays involved in order to keep it successful and just because she is a fan of her own brand. She created the brand when she realized that there were no fun colors of patterns on the market when it came to athleisure wear. She also noticed that the price tags were very steep and unaffordable for most people. She set out to change that and she did.

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