Betsy Devos – article recap

In 2017, President Trump announced the federal government rescinded its policy allowing transgender students to use the school bathroom that matched their gender identities. Hours prior to that announcement, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos was preparing the department’s gay and transgender employees about the announcement.

DeVos gave no public sign she was on the opposite side of the issue that President Trump. However, those briefed in the meeting were assured that she did resist the move privately. She had fought to change those in the administration about making the change to the federal law, but lost.

People not familiar with DeVos or her legacy of helping others may not know that she has always been a fighter for those who have no voice for more than three decades. She has always been a leading advocate of charter vouchers and schools. Charter schools are school owned privately, but is operated and ran with public money.

She had earned a reputation as a relentless, effective and driven political fighter.

For decades, DeVos worked to provide more public money to charter schools and away from failing traditional public schools. She also fought for public funds to pay children’s private school tuition to help them obtain a better education than the one they were receiving from the traditional public school.

In fact, she has used her family’s fortune to punish foes, work behind the scenes to pass positive education legislation and reward allies. Her opponents respect her.

The media choose to focus on per perceived lack of political experience. DeVos has shrugged off the jokes and mockery made during her first meeting with the Education Department employees. She even confirmed that the meeting had been a bit of a bear. She knows the media has had a lot of fun mocking and making fun of her, but she is not in it for publicity. DeVos wants to better the lives of people trying for a better education. The people who know DeVos understand that she has been in politics and in education for decades. Her educational career did not start as secretary of state, but decades ago. Learn more:

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