The Great Incident that Led to the Creation of The Frontera Fund

The Frontera Fund is currently considered to be one of the most potent and successful nonprofit making organizations in the United States. The organization was founded several years ago, and its main goal is to offer support to the other human rights organizations in the country. The institution has had a great share of challenges since it was founded, but it has also been instrumental in changing the lives of other minority people in the society.

The Frontera Fund has a very exciting story. According to the organization website, the Frontera Fund was introduced into the market by two prominent journalists who are based in the United States. These experts, known as Michael and Jim experienced some injustice in the year 2007. One afternoon, when the journalists were in their houses, they were approached by armed deputies who hurriedly took them into black cars that did have Mexican number plates. In no time, the journalists were already spending time in two separate jails in the nation. Their families were not given any information concerning the arrest of the two journalists.

Michael and Jim were vocal individuals who spoke about some of the injustices that were being committed by powerful personalities in the country. The two had just published some information about Joe Arpaio, one of the most powerful and feared sheriffs in the country. Joe believed that he was untouchable, and this is why he sent the armed detectives to arrest the journalists. Fortunately, Michael and Jim were released and allowed to go home after protests from human rights groups. After some time, they took the case to court, and they were offered millions of dollars as compensation. The journalists have been using the money given to assist other human rights institutions in the United States. The journalists founded an organization known as Frontera Fund, and they have been doing their best to make it the best on the international platform. Larkin and Lacey do not want anything similar to what they experienced to happen to any other member of the community. The journalists have also created awareness about the foundation among the people.

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