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Michael Lacey Continues To Build An Impressive Mathematics Career

The area of mathematics is one academic discipline where new discoveries are being made and problems solved by some of the sharpest minds in the world.

In the U.S., few mathematicians have had such an impact on the discipline as Michael Lacey, a mathematician who has studied and taught at some of the nations best-known and respected academic institutions; alongside the many colleges and institutions Michael Lacey has studied at he has become one of the most decorated and awarded mathematicians in the world.

Michael Lacey first made an impact studying for his Ph.D. at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a focus on Banach Spaces which are a mathematical theory based on the work of Polish mathematician, Stefan Banach.

The graduate of the University of Texas made his way to a range of colleges and institutions developing his skills and teaching options including time spent working as an Assistant Professor at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and Indiana University.

Lacey would later become an Associate Professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology before moving to the University of Georgia to become the professor of mathematics at the esteemed academic institution.

Many awards and fellowships have been awarded to Michael Lacey over the course of his career including becoming a Fellow of the American Society of Mathematics in 2013.

Michael Lacey has seen his work at the University of Georgia beginning in 2001 rewarded with a Guggenheim Fellowship which is awarded to U.S. citizens who are seen as being in the middle stages of their career.

Alongside the impressive work completed to receive a Guggenheim Fellowship, Michael Lacey was also awarded a Fulbright Fellowship in 2008.

Securus Technologies the Key to Prison Safety

To get a better understanding of what type of dangerous conditions I deal with as a guard in a local jail, you have to see what I see. To me, this is probably one of the most dangerous jobs in the world because you are forced to be right up close to some of the most violent individuals on the planet who have little regard for your life or their own. Those serving life sentences have little to lose by hurting another person behind those prison walls, and unfortunately it usually is an officer.


In order to maintain a level of security for all those working inside our jail, we teamed up with Securus Technologies to try and reduce violence across all fronts. The company developed a state-of-the-art monitoring system that will replace dated telephone system in the jail. Now instead of several officers having to be taken away from more pressing issues to listen to inmates make calls, they ca be back on the front lines maintaining a degree of order.


The CEO of Securus Technologies, says that the new monitoring systems are already in 2,600 jails helping keep officers safe, and the company is available to offer assistance to help if needed. All of our officers were trained how the LBS software worked, and on day one we were eager to see the results.

Here are a few examples of how the Securus Technologies system helps officers today:

An inmate was recently searched when he told family on the phone he gets high in his cell at night.

Two family members were arrested when an inmate let on they would be bringing drugs to the visitor center for him.

Weapons were found in the yard after an inmate was talking on the phone about a hit on a rival gang.


Louis Chenevert, Setting Remarkable Standards at UTC

Louis Chenevert is a highly ranked Canadian businessman who doubled up as the CEO and Chairman of the United Technologies Corporation. Louis traces his background back to Quebec where he was born and raised. He is an alumnus of the University of Montreal where attained a BA in production management, which did him good in his relentless business pursuit. Louis Chenevert was business-minded from an early stage. He has been a great asset to many firms where he exercised his passion for entrepreneurship and acquired skills.

Louis kick-started his career at the General Motors, where worked for over a decade. He later joined the Pratt & Whitney business unit which was a part of the United Technologies Corporation. This marked Chenevert’s breakthrough in Business. After working for a couple of years with Pratt & Whitney, Louis was made the president of the entire unit in 1999 and later CEO and President of the UTC as a whole seven years after.

Louis has accomplished a lot throughout his career. The company’s fortune under his leadership was quite astonishing; a net worth of approximately $100 billion. Chenevert takes pride in winning the 2009 National Building Museum Honor Award and an HEC Montreal Honorary Doctorate in 2011.

Louis Chenevert has spent over 14 years in building a career that has to date been acknowledged. He built up UTC to an unbeatable rank and even after his departure, the foundation he put in place still stands strong. Louis left UTC on December 8th, 2014, and was succeeded by Edward Kangas who was at that time the lead independent director. Chenevert joined the Merchant Banking Division of Goldman Sachs where he played the role of the Exclusive Advisor.

UTC still stands strong thanks to the hard work and determination that Louis put to it. The company still stands out as the best in its sector, enjoying the competitive strategies he put in place. This is a legacy that remains unshakable and a challenge to all those in the business sector.

Wake Up to an Orally-Inspired Treatment for Sleep Apnea with Dr. Avi Weisfogel

10-15 years ago, mention “sleep apnea” and almost everyone would give you a look as if you were speaking to them in latin – “what did you say?” But as more and more people are becoming aware of sleep apnea (a sleeping disorder in which a person will go through periodic moments during their sleep without breathing, sometimes up to a minute) more are realizing they may actually have it.

And thinking they may have it, most people do what would be conventional – go and see my doctor, have him run tests, come back with the results and prescribe a treatment to remedy the situation. But as history has shown, usually conventional wisdom isn’t the best treatment.

Enter Dr. Avi Weisfogel. A twenty-year plus medical professional, Dr. Weisfogel spent his first fifteen years strictly as a dentist, with a thriving practice that awarded him more than once “Best Dentist of the Year”. But being a dentist gave doctor Weisfogel a unique perspective on his patients – literally. When your mere inches from your patient’s face, one gets a good look – and what he noticed in some was a tired, worn-out countenance. This got Dr. Weisfogel curious and then thinking and the conclusion he figured could be sleep apnea.

But Dr. Weisfogel was not content to merely diagnose his patient’s situation, he looked to marry his dental practice with a solution for sleep apnea – an unconventional thought that has lead to many successful results over the past five years. The thinking – if I as a doctor deal with my patients in an oral-manner (through the breathing passage of mouth) maybe there is an oral solution to their situation.

His desire to help all patients led him to opening Healthy Heart Sleep in 2010. Taking the knowledge he learned, he began to help other physicians treat sleep disorders. This led to the establishment of Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient in 2012 to help dentists see how they can help cure sleep disorders.

Dr. Weisfogel continues to lead this field as his solutions are being used throughout the dental industry.

A Closer Look at Daniel Mark Harrison

Daniel Mark Harrison is a businessman, author, contributor, and entrepreneur. Daniel Mark Harrison is highly educated with some very impressive education credentials. Mr. Harrison attended New York University where he studied Journalism. In addition, he studied at the University of Oxford as well as the well known Lansing College.

After Harrison decided he had received what he considered “Substantial Education” he decided to move to Singapore. Once Daniel Mark Harrison made his move to Singapore he quickly became a Managing Partner for an organization called Monkey Capital. Harrison quickly became an important corporate leader with Monkey Capital.

Daniel Mark Harrison is quite proud of his accomplishments as well as discoveries since he began his position as Managing Partner at Monkey Capital. Harrison is also currently working on a book which will chronicle his research and discoveries involving the movie industry and blockchain industry. The services Monkey Capital offers its clients makes their goals a great deal easier to achieve. He is also the founder and CEO of Daniel Mark Harrison & Co.

Waiakea Water Pioneering the Use of Degradable Plastics

Many industries in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) category utilize plastic to wrap their products because of the many benefits associated with plastics such as durability and relatively low cost of acquiring plastic packaging. However, one company in the CPG industry—Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water—is out to change how companies package their goods. Since it was founded in 2012, the company has proven to all and sundry that one of its primary goals is to conserve the environment. Recently, the company announced that it would begin packaging its premium, naturally alkaline, and with a slew of health benefits water in fully degradable plastic bottles. Even before it adopts the revolutionary bottles next year, Waiakea is using premium RPET (made from recycled bottles) containers which are more costly than regular bottles.

Although many companies have tried to minimize the menace caused by plastics on the environment by making them biodegradable, none has emerged as successful as Waiakea Water. Waiakea Water uses an additive acquired from Timeplast. The additive seeks to make plastics degradable (not biodegradable) through a nano-degradation mechanism. When incorporated into the manufacturing process of plastics, the additive develops enhanced bottles which can degrade in just 15 years, down from 1,500 years required for traditional plastics to degrade.
Ryan Emmons, the founder and CEO of Waiakea Water, explains that the innovative bottles can change the CPG industry. He stresses that only one pound of the additive is enough to be applied to over 1 thousand pounds of plastic during manufacture. He further says that the cost of the additive is almost similar to the cost of the colorant used to color bottles aquamarine. Furthermore, the innovative bottles can be recycled alongside regular bottles; in fact, recycling them with regular bottles improves the degradation capability of the traditional plastic bottles.
Waiakea Water had to beat the odds associated with innovation. The first problem that the company had was making the innovated bottles have the commercial qualities of regular plastics. Another problem was associated obtaining the first and only patent from the U.S Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). However, Waiakea Water managed to overcome all of its challenges related to degradable plastics.

Lori Senecal A Global CEO at CP+B

Lori Senecal is the Global chief executive officer at CP+B. She is responsible for the management and coordination of all the company’s nine international offices. Lori also oversees all the company’s international growth and expansions. Lori first joined CP+B in 2015 and has managed to register a high level of performance and positively changed the company’s business. Her contributions to the firm are generally collaborative, agile, and inventive.

Under her leadership, Lori Senecal has offered consistent international services while maintaining strong local market businesses. She also focuses on talents to meet various agency developments. Because of her commitment and skills, CP+B is highly recognized as a creative innovator. For this reason, she has emerged as a prominent executive.

Lori is well-informed on effective advertisement. She insists that any advertising campaign must feature a unique message to the customer. Further, the message disseminated should always be clear to the target audience. Finally, the message should call for action. To meet a blend of all these features, the advertisement should properly mix visual and other media elements.

According to Lori, creativity is more of behavior than a talent. This understanding has consistently enabled her to enhance the revenues at CP+B by over 21%.

CP+B became reluctant to advertise Kraft Mac & Cheese when they opted to do away with artificial ingredients in 2015. This move was as a result of fear that their market could collapse. Eventually, the company sold over 50 million boxes and received one billion media impressions.

CP+B built a commercializer tool specifically for Letgo. This tool is essential in the creating slick TV-style spots. Let go users have highly benefited from this instrument in selling their used items. The latter app recently managed to record 45 million downloads following its popularity.

2K is another company that has directly benefited from CP+B. 2K released a basketball installment video game in 2016, CP+B used Fitbit to further this video beyond the screen. They did this by inviting the players to link their Fitbit accounts with their NBA 2K profiles. This ultimately allowed them to improve their virtual character abilities on the merit of their real-world steps. Follow her on Twitter

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