Brian Bonar’s Bellamys Guarantees the Best Cuisines for Escondido Visitors

Brian Bonar is a distinguished financial executive, with special expertise in mergers & acquisitions. He heads Trucept Incorporated, a company that offers tax, payroll, and human resources management services.

His success can be attributed to his ability to create a workable business structure and his training in Technical Engineering at James Watt Technical College where he attained a Mechanical Engineering degree. He also attended the respected Stafford University and earned a Master’s degree.


Previously, Brian served as a procurement manager at IBM after which he joined QMS as the director of engineering where he was mandated to oversee more than 100 employees. He then moved to Adaptec as a sales manager. Using the experience that he had gathered over the years, Brian established Bezier Systems.

He later worked for several other organizations, including Dalrada Financial Services, where he accumulated more leadership skills and his colleagues held him in high regard. Brian combines his good interpersonal skills and creativity to draw his strengths. In 2000, Brian was named the Who is Who in the United States. He enjoys golf and boat trips as a hobby and treasures family time.

The Bellamys

Escondido in San Diego is a place that is not so progressed; residents still keep their conventional ways, which makes it a bit unusual to host well-known chefs like Patrick Ponsaty and Bernard Guillas. Brian Bonar invested in a small restaurant named Bellamys in that town where he hired Trevor Da Costa, Mike Reidy, and Patrick Ponsaty.

One part of the restaurant is located on a 144 acre ranch in Bandy Canyon, which Bonar has prospects of turning it into a 4-star entertainment destination, with the top of the class restaurant.

Bellamys is characterized by smooth-jazz paintings, plush seats, and walls painted in Coppertone-brown. A place you wouldn’t picture to give the great food that is found there.

The Menu

Their menu is filled with magnificent dishes, such as corn soup, which is blended with cream and espelette peppers and then served cold covering a scallop ceviche accompanied with ginger, limejuice, olive oil, and cilantro. The parsley-cream risotto is served with poached salmon, and sea salt treated shaved summer truffle.

The Mille-feuille is served with a top covering of apple slices, smoked eel, liver confit in pork fat. The beet salad comprises of golden and red bulbs, porcini mushroom powder, cocoa nibs, and pistachios served with deep-red beet ice cream and goat cheese tart.

A lighter salad has heirloom tomato, and fresh mozzarella tossed in Moroccan olive oil and golden balsamic vinegar and topped with tomato-basil gel. The mushroom ravioli is made of mushrooms cooked in cream and tawny port with a veal-based port wine sauce as the topping. The staff are highly competent with a thorough understanding of the food

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