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Online Reputation Management – Essential in Today’s Marketplace

A recent article in Huffington Post talks about how online reputation management has become a major issue for businesses everywhere. Most brand names take a long time to develop, and cost a lot of money as well. Once they are established, it doesn’t take much to break them down, if you are not careful.

Companies who provide superior products and customer service may suddenly experience a downturn in sales, and have no idea why it is happening. Many times, it is because they have gotten one or two negative reviews on Yelp or another online rating service.

Consumers have come to expect excellence at all times. If you have had even a minor problem with a sales clerk or another employee, the customer can take revenge by writing a bad review of your company. This one negative, can seriously damage your overall sales level.

According to the website, most people, who make purchases even in physical stores, go online to compare products, prices and customer service reviews before going to a store. If the first thing they see on your site is a negative review, they will simply click to the next listing and you just lost a potential customer.

Thousands if not millions of people will see the negative comments and your brand will suffer major damage. That is why it is critical to monitor your online reputation constantly. If you don’t have the time to do it yourself, there are many companies springing up that will monitor your online reputation for you.

Studies show that more people will share a negative experience rather than a positive one, so this can become a problem. The article mentions a survey by Dimensional Research, that reports 86% of customers who see a negative review, will be impacted by it for their purchasing decision.

The take-away from the article is that whether you monitor your own online reputation or you hire someone to do it for you, it must be done. Without it you are at the mercy of the online review boards.

Buffet Wagers $1 Million On Investment Strategy

Warren Buffet has wagered $1 million that he can get better investment returns than a group of hedge fund managers by simply investing in a S&P passive index fund. This money being wagered will benefit charity. The bet will be decided this year, and it looks like Mr. Buffet will collect his money.

Tim Armour agrees with Mr. Buffet. There are too many mediocre and expensive funds that are not good for investors. Investors should have simple and low cost investments that are kept for the long term. Mr. Buffet has proved himself with his rigorous analysis of companies. By building a durable portfolio he has proved himself over many decades. Tim Armour says this is the example most Americans need to follow, and to start saving now for retirement.

In addition to Mr. Buffet’s annual shareholder letter, Tim Armour has added some extra guidance to the average American. The “active vs passive” debate among the industry is not one that is benefiting investors. He says consumers should be wary of product labels. Due to the excessive trading and high management fees, many mutual funds to not offer a great return on investment. While the risks and opportunity costs of passive index’s are usually unknown or underestimated.

Tim Armour argues it is time to dispel the notion that passive index funds are the safe and better path to retirement. They have their place, but offer no protection against down markets. Despite the trillions that flow into passive index funds, almost half of the investors surveyed did not know that they were 100 percent exposed to the vitality and losses during market downturns.

Tim was announced the chairman of Capital group in July of 2015. Tim has 32 years of investment experience all with Capital Group. In his career he has covered global telecommunications and U.S. service companies. He holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Middlebury College.

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The Political Arena with End Citizens United Works

End Citizens United was founded on March 1, 2015, as a Political Action Committee and was funded by the grassroots donors. They are committed to the encounter of the disastrous effects of Citizens United and the reforming of their campaign finance system. They are dedicated to showing the elected officials, voters, candidates and the press that the grassroots are fighting back with a lot of force against the increasing shamelessness of the wealthy tycoons that are trying to buy the elections. This will help in the building a wide coalition that is working towards pressuring lawmakers on taking actions and campaigning on finance reforms.


End Citizens United mission is on combating the Big Money in politics and tear down the rigged political system. This is done by electing champions in the campaign finance reforms and passing measures in the state ballot. The champions are mandated to work towards overturning Citizens United, ending the dark money and the unlimited money in politics. End Citizens United will work towards their mission by raising the issue of money in politics to a national priority, by electing pro-reform candidates and using the grassroots membership to manifest political power on the subject of money in politics. The End Citizens United is a key supporter of the Democrats in the key races who are in favor of significant reform to their campaign finance system and will aid in the efforts to overturn Citizens United.


End Citizens United stand up with candidates who face attack by the corporate special interests and mega-donors, and their networks with the dark money groups. The fight against the Citizens United is led by the Democrats. They believe that significant changes will happen with the leadership. Although many of the Republicans and Independent voters are all in agreement that, the undisclosed political spending is out of control, in Congress, the Republican leadership is standing firmly in the way of overturning the disastrous decision by the Supreme Court. The group so far has more than 325,000 people that have signed the End Citizens United’s petition having a demand on Congress to pass the registration. The group is in full support of candidates who are devoted in reforming the broken campaign finance system.


According to the communications director, Richard Carbo, the End Citizens United has so far raised from small donors more than $2 million, and the group is on track to scan a total of $25 million to $30 million for the entire cycle. The End Citizens United boasts of having received 136,000 donations so far. The group enjoys having a productive grassroots support with an estimated average donation of $14.86. The D.C based PAC has a staff membership of five including senior advisors like Valerie Martin, who has worked on Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill’s 2006 campaign. Reed Adamson is also a staff member who aided in managing the Illinois Rep. Brad Schneider’s 2012 victory.