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Sam Boraie – A Successful Real Estate Developer with a Passion for bringing Positive Changes to the Community

Sam Boraie and Boraie Development have been the pillars of the growth of the areas of New Brunswick. Even though the company has always been successful, it made national news when it started the project of One Riverview in Newark in which the NBA star Shaq made a significant investment. An old High School was converted into a 23 storey building with 169 residential apartments with all modern amenities. It also had retail showrooms on its first floor which helped bring businesses into the area. This project changed the face of the Boraie Development company and proved that it could do more than budget housing projects.

Sam Boraie is one of several sons and daughters of Omar Boraie who shifted base to the United States from Egypt many decades ago. Omar was a trained chemist in Egypt and came to the US for his doctorate studies. While in the United States, he got involved in the real estate market and started his company. Today, he is among the top real estate developers in the country. The once declining and crime-hit area of New Brunswick saw a real estate boom after Boraie Development started to take initiatives in the area and developed many projects. One of its other major projects was the Aspire apartment complex. Another prestigious project of the company was Waverly Place in Montgomery New Jersey. This project had a great location with shopping centers, hospitals, and schools in the immediate area.

According to Bloomberg, Sam is one of the several Vice President of the Boraie Development but has been the major decision maker for the different projects that the company undertakes. Over the years, Sam Boraie has made a name in the community through its charity work. He is one of the trustees of the State Theater in New Brunswick and his company Boraie Development continues to contribute the different educational and artistic programs in the theater. Another major charity work that Sam is a big part of is the Elija’s Promise. This is a non-profit organization that offers healthy meals to the poor and providing food service training.



Journey of Ricardo Tosto as a prominent Lawyer

Ricardo Tosto is currently the founding partner of the largest law firm in Brazil, Leite, Tosto Barros Advogados Associates Company. This organization has been running for the last twenty-five years, from April 1991 to the present. Ricardo Tosto is one of the policy makers and the most influential leaders in Brazil. He is a prominent lawyer well known for his power of winning his profession career as a passion. Ricardo Tosto own an association which deals with legislative and electoral commission laws, banking and debt, credit restreaming, criminal and business law, contracts and commercial law, among civil law. This Association started as a small office and later grew into an experienced Lawsuit firm in Brazil.

Before being a profession in law, Ricardo Tosto went to the Presbyterian University of Mackenzie, where he pursued a bachelor degree in law. Professor Ricardo Tosto also did an extension course in Business Administration at Armada schools. After education, he has been a member of the Board of Directors for the Center for Attorney Partnership, and also a vice president of Judicial Modernization Committee and Judicial Reforms Committee among other positions.

Being a famous and visionary lawyer, Ricardo Tosto has defended a range of cases in local and international courts. Most of his clients are politics, celebrities (public personalities) and nationally revolving companies. Ricardo Tosto has also been a lawyer for government ministries and organizations, by defending some their legal mechanisms. Throughout his career life, Ricardo Tosto has been a mentor to law students and young working lawyers, by his efforts, working visionary for the achievement of individual and corporate rights.

Ricardo Tosto has been recognized by Brazilian Legal Publications and Legal 500 in his success of law defense. WHO Legal has nominated Ricardo Tosto as the best Brazilian lawyer in commercial litigation. for more.