Ricardo Tosto, Amazing Professional

Ricardo Tosto is an educated businessman. In the late 1900s, Ricardo received his bachelor’s degree in law. He then went on to further his career, earning a degree in business administration. Ricardo has always been passionate about the law. In the early 90s, Ricardo opened his own law firm. As of today, Ricardo’s law firm has been open for always 3 decades.

Leite, Tosto and Barros Advogados Associados is the law firm owned by Ricardo Tosto. His law firm is known for specializing in mass litigation. His firm is also known for handling a variety of bank cases. Ricardo and his law firm are known for taking high profile cases which has helped them grow tremendously. As of today, his law firm is one of the most preferred to use in Brazil.

Since Ricardo has always been passionate about legal help, because of this, he has recently started mentoring other attorneys. Many of the attorneys that Ricardo has mentored all have said that he is phenomenal! Under his leadership, Ricardo Tosto has helped many new attorneys become skilled professionals.

Ricardo Tosto and his law firm usually defend high profile cases. One of the cases that Ricardo recently defended became a high-profile case when details of the case was released to the media. In this case, Ricardo represented the husband of a couple who was in the process of a divorce. The wife was seeking to collect an inheritance that the husband received during the divorce.

The case became complicated when the wife began to accuse Richardo Tosto’s client of infidelity. However, Ricardo defended his client by explaining to the court that the couple had been separated informally before formally filing for divorce. In addition, Ricardo also explained that the wife was no longer sleeping in the home that they shared together.

After Ricardo Tosto provided his client with a great defense, the court came to an agreement. They decided that the couple must split all assets equally. These assets include property and funds that are in the wife’s name. This was a favorable outcome for Ricardo and his client. Ricardo Tosto’s client will now receive 50% of his soon to be ex wife’s estate.


Talk Fusions New App A Revolutionary Video Marketing Product

There are many companies out there that are trying to get an edge over the competition as well as the lead in their respective niches. The only way to ensure that happens is through innovative marketing techniques, and one of the most unique marketing techniques in today’s date is video marketing. There are tons of companies out there that are providing marketing services, but none of them matches the level of products and services offered by Talk Fusion, a leading video marketing firm. Talk Fusion started in the year of 2007 as a video marketing firm in the age when not many people knew or understood what video marketing was back then. However, video marketing has gone on to become one of the most effective means of marketing today with some of the leading companies using it to reach out to its consumers.


Talk Fusion is a company that provides many different kinds of video marketing products, the latest of which is the Fusion on the Go video chat app. It is a video chat app like no other in the market and has a unique set of features that can be used to provide the users with the flexibility as well as scalability in the usage. Many companies have used the Fusion on the Go app for reaching out to the clients as well as to provide engaging and impressive customer service. In today’s date, the marketing methods have to be innovative to leave a lasting impact, and it is what video marketing helps in achieving. Talk Fusion is a company that operates on the direct selling method and has its members spread in more than 140 countries promoting the use of Talk Fusion’s products and services. Learn more: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/talk-fusion-opens-new-international-office-in-india-300563702.html


The new app released by Talk Fusion has made it easier for its users to meet and interact with their associates. A lot of research and testing has gone into creating the new app, and it already has a growing number of users. The company aims to add more features to the app moving forward and is sure that its users are going to enjoy using it.


Fortress Investment Group’s Peter Briger Is A Leading Crypto Evangelist: Find Out Why

Bitcoin has become a major deal in the financial world. While there are people who stand on both sides of the fence in this regard, Peter Briger of Fortress Investment Group is squarely on the side of those who support the use of cryptocurrency.Fortress Investment Group is not always associated with cryptocurrency. They are mostly known as a global investment firm that works in the world of asset management. They manage accounts for private investors and institutional clients alike. Since Washington lawmakers seem to be reticent to embrace cryptocurrency, Fortress Investment Group has been slow to make inroads. However, this is all about to change. Thanks to a group of legislators who are committed to altering the stigma that surrounds the usage of cryptocurrency, longtime evangelists like Peter Briger may soon have their day in the sun.The Democratic party has a candidate who is willing to stand next to people like Briger and amplify their voices.

Brian Forde is in the process of fighting for a California Congressional seat and the results of this race could go a long way towards determining the future of Bitcoin.In the midst of all this discussion, Peter Briger’s long time struggle to bring cryptocurrency to Wall Street and other legitimate venues has been underscored. Wall Street is now getting into the business of Bitcoin but this is after many efforts were made by forward thinkers like Briger. The first meeting between Briger and executives from Wells Fargo would take place in 2013 and it set the tone for everything else that happened next. Briger correctly surmised that banks would want to get in on cryptocurrency earlier so that they could eventually utilize Bitcoin and come up with a regulated exchange that would allow for more widespread adoption.The Fortress Investment Group team that was put together for this presentation provided the Wells Fargo executives with all of the information that they would need in order to make the right decision.

Briger was particularly intrigued by the fact that Bitcoin could function as a form of digital gold if necessary and he liked that it could be sent to any part of the world instantly.Wells Fargo ended up pulling back and the stage is now set for crypto to become a part of our daily lives. Since Forde has a great deal of experience with cryptocurrency and the support of various evangelists, observers are quietly confident about the future prospects. In the wake of the $3.3 billion SoftBank acquisition, Fortress Investment Group will have the chance to utilize their new parent company’s infrastructure to bring the company forward. SoftBank has the necessary understanding of how technologies will affect their bottom line going forward and they are not looking to change the manner in which Fortress takes care of its business.With a potential ally in Congress and the financial might of SoftBank behind them, the future is bright. For Peter Briger, this is merely the culmination of a very arduous five year journey.

An Alternative Banking Solution

With a revenue of over $1 billion, a net income of well over $180 million, and an established presence in numerous locations with a combined number of employees of well of 2500, we could stop here and there would be no doubt as to how successful this company is. Not to mention, we would also be safe to assume that a company with these accolades, there is also no doubt that they will continue to succeed well into the future. Needless to say, this company is special in many ways. As for who and what this company has done to reach this level of success, it is none other than the alternative banking management company Fortress Investment Group. Since its establishment in the year 1998, which was an amazing 20 years ago, Fortress Investment Group has far surpassed even its own goals as an alternative banking solution.

That’s right, even Fortress Investment Group surely had no idea how huge and crucial they would be but, make no mistake, they are surely satisfied with how they turned out today. Nonetheless, Fortress Investment Group has earned every recognition and bit of success they have as a company. Although the numbers may be one sign of their tremendous efforts, lets no confuse the fact that they have also failed more than most companies in their specific niche. In reality, this is one of the ways that they have become a giant in the alternative banking scene. Through trial and error, Fortress Investment Group has definitely turned their mistakes into huge profits. Although not alarming, Fortress Investment Group has a plethora of ways they have grown into what they are today. So, here is more on the successful ways of Fortress Investment Group and their impact on private equity and investment management.

 Fortress Investment Group & The Impactful Ways

As an alternative banking company, and perhaps as a better description of them, Fortress Investment Group has earned its great reputation as a premier investment management source. Along with many other services, their investment management service has stood out above them all and has made them a household name. In fact, their management and administration abilities with clients and their investments are what turns people onto them over their competitors. Not that there is much competition, to begin with, considering their giant impact as a company but, Fortress Investment Group takes pride in the fact that they were one of the first to take advantage and adapt to changes in the banking and investment field. Because of their early jump, Fortress Investment Group was well ahead of is competition when more and more of the field started turning to alternative banking as a way of investing. Put in other words, Fortress Investment Group deserves more credit for what they have accomplished as an alternative banking solution. Furthermore, if there was any more proof needed to show how great this company is, there is no need to look further than their own employees. Because of their excellent priority of customer and employee care, there is no doubt that Fortress Investment Group will continue to be a leader in their industry.

Alex Pall Embraces Career Move As The Chainsmokers Evolve.

There is something special about the state of pop music in the world today. More artists than ever are being given the chance to air their own unique riff on classic genres in order to gain fans and attention. The Chainsmokers, led by Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall, have helped to bring DJ/Dance Music back to the masses in a way that just hasn’t been done in years. The ‘Closer’ stars have seen their careers explode over the past three or four years and that upward trajectory seems to be limited by nothing but their own imagination. Pall and Taggart sat down in order to discuss their past, their future and their present and they unveiled more than a little about themselves along the way.

Pall was a DJ in New York City when his career first started to get going. Pall was linked through a mutual friend to Andrew and the two quickly found that they had chemistry and drive. The duo would spend 12 hours a day, every day during the week, working on developing their sound and the career path that they had wanted to take. Andrew laughs about the start of their career, admitting that when he was in college he was mocked for listening to dance music and rocking v-neck t-shirts. Now, Taggart laughingly points out, he’s making the exact kind of music for the people that mocked him before.

The Chainsmokers have been releasing radio super-hits on a schedule since they first popped into the mainstream but now the duo are taking a step back to really tune in to what they want to become. One of the big changes for The Chainsmokers going forward is the addition of Andrew getting lead vocals on their newest hit, ‘Closer’. The Chainsmokers typically produce the music in their songs while inviting other sings to come in and take the lead. Pall says of the new direction, “Well, why not?” Pall points out that they had played a big role in the writing process for the lyrics on all of their songs, so giving the vocal duties to one of their own only made sense.

James Larkin strengthened by family

Family to James Larkin, just like it would to anyone else, meant everything. The people he grew up with and those that bore him; Mary Anne McNulty, James Larkin, and Jim’s siblings, completed his cycle of the people that were closest to him in the slums that became Larkin’s home in the early times.


It is because of the hardships that his siblings were going through that Larkin decided to give his father a helping hand. It was not an easy thing to do for the seven-year-old Jim, but he was going to struggle just like anyone who knew the cost of happiness would.


He sacrificed his studies and ended up getting very little to no education. His mother was not employed, and therefore her efforts were mostly concentrated on bringing up Jim’s siblings and holding the family together.


Tragedy met Jim Larkin’s 14th birthday, and he did not have a happy year. His father died, and the family was hard-blown by this. He grew up with one parent and acted as the second parent to the young ones.


He would one day be old enough to father children of his own, and have a duty of care to his wife. James Larkin’s life with Elizabeth Brown in the later years was a happy one because his early experience taught him a lot about sticking to the people that were closest to him.


The two got married just after James Larkin became a foreman, and were blessed with children; James Larkin senior and Denis Larkin. His union activities took a lot of his time, but he would try at the end of each day show love to his children. This lifestyle took a different turn when Denis and Larkin Jr. were grown and their father, James Larkin, died. It was tragic and saddening to all who knew how great a man he was and his dedication to what he felt and knew was right.


The workers’ advocate was laid to rest in Ireland. It was the very place that Mary Anne McNulty and James Larkin had vacated, but that was also where Jim Larkin’s heart was because he dedicated a more significant part of his life to ensuring workers of Ireland were fairly treated.

Bruno Fagali Talks About Why Featuring Thin Girls In Ads Is On The Way Out

     Writing on his legal blog, lawyer Bruno Fagali wrote an interesting article about how France is handling their anorexia epidemic. In that country 30,000-40,000 people, most of them teenagers, have this medical condition which is mostly thought to be fueled by advertising. Most men and women who appear in advertising are presented with wholly impossible to attain bodies. This is because the advertising companies digitally manipulate the images to make people look thinner than they actually are, usually using Photoshop.

Bruno Fagali says that to combat this problem they passed a law under the French Code of Public Health. Now there is a decree in place, as of October 2017, which states that any image of this nature must have imprinted on it “retouched photograph”. This will alert people to the fact that what they are looking at doesn’t fit with reality.

France has also been requiring French models to get a medical certificate since 2016 before they can find work in the advertising industry or show up in fashion shows. Bruno Fagali wrote that a doctor must measure their body mass index and their general state of health.

His home country of Brazil has been looking into similar laws, he wrote. As someone who is also in advertising himself; Bruno Fagali is the Corporate Integrity Manager at nova/sb which is an ad firm; he says that advertisers are starting to realize themselves that the days of sticking a rail-thin girl in their ads are no longer effective or moral. He has seen this shift away from that form of ads for the past few years.

Since 2006, Bruno Fagali has been practicing the law. He has a Master in Law which he earned at the University of Sao Paulo. He has also received several legal certifications such as healthcare compliance, advertising and communication law, public law, parliamentary law, and electoral law. Bruno Fagali landed his job at nova/sb due to his certification in anti-corruption law which he earned at Fundação Getulio Vargas in Sao Paulo.

Hussain Sajwani Thoughts on Global Economic Growth

Hussain Sajwani recently spoke to a broad audience about economic growth. Although the global economy is improving, there are still areas where people are struggling. It is essential for business owners to look for investment opportunities in developing countries. Small investments can make a massive difference in these areas.


Hussain Sajwani lives in Dubai. Dubai is an extremely wealthy city. Over the past few years, many companies have moved to the area in search of additional sales.


Hussain Sajwani is a prominent leader in the real estate industry. During his career, he built thousands of homes for clients. He firmly believes that business leaders can make a positive impact in the world.


The Role of Technology in Global Growth

Hussain Sajwani is a firm believer that technology should be used as a positive force for change. Various developing countries do not have the resources to invest in new technology.


Hussain Sajwani works with various charities around the world. One of his goals is to provide new technology to developing nations. In these areas, there is a massive opportunity to help millions of people. Some countries cannot provide adequate resources for people who live there.


Business Plans

During a recent speech, Hussain Sajwani also gave business advice to young business owners. He has owned a business for his entire career, and he made many mistakes during this time. He is focused on providing value to people in various ways. He firmly believes that a digital marketing strategy is needed for companies to expand. Far too many customers search for products online for business owners to neglect online marketing.


In the coming years, Hussain Sajwani plans to expand DAMAC Properties to become one of the largest companies in Dubai. He is excited about serving additional customers with housing services.

DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani is Distinguished as Top Developer on Forbes Global List!

Due to his leadership and creative business skills, Emirati native, Hussain Sajwani’s firm has been ranked number one on the Forbes 2017 Global 2000 list. DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani is Founder and Chairman of DAMAC Properties. Chief Executive Officer Hussain Sajwani is recognized for the branded excellence he brings to each development installment. His sense of elegance and style sets the bar for high-end luxury residences. He started the company in 2002, after a successful residential building investment in Dubai. The accomplished pioneer structured a monetized deal prior to the project reaching construction phase.

From there, DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani moved his Middle Eastern development firm to the top of the industry, delivering memorable residential assets. Mr. Sajwani’s latest deployment surrounds the 1.7 million square foot development AYKON Plaza overlooking the Dubai Canal. The bold endeavor consists of 6 luxury towers situated in a town-like infrastructure. This will be the second premium tower installment, with others to follow. The locale is built to amaze, it offers stately residences, serviced apartments, and generous office and hotel spaces.

DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani adds significant flair that takes this project over the top by incorporating unrivaled amenities of spas, swimming pools, lounges, restaurants, cafes, and fitness facilities throughout the plaza. Like prior prestigious projects in exotic lands, the company will generate an unceasing buzz of city spark and social enjoyments. Mr. Sajwani’s real estate portfolio reflects his vision and leadership-he has engineered over 19,000 apartments and has over 44,00 units undergoing various stages of planning. Mr. Sajwani has led DAMAC Properties to the trading arena, being recognized as the first Middle Eastern company to be listed on the London Stock Exchange. He also achieved such accolades as the Property CEO of the Year from CEO Middle East Awards of 2017. The visionary was also listed as one of the 100 most globally influential Arabs. Mr. Sajwani leads by example in positioning his business in a stellar position for success and sustainable growth.

A Visit to HCR Advisors Might Be Just What You Need

A lot of people can relate to the experience of having trouble dealing with their finances. Only a privileged few are able to say that they never have to worry about money. Fortunately, there are firms that are willing to help you reach your financial goals.


The Sandwich Generation


HCR Wealth Advisors is a registered investment advisory firm that helps clients create personalized financial strategies. One group in particular that benefits a lot from financial advice are those in the so-called Sandwich Generation. These are people who have children relying on them to help pay for college expenses and, at the same time, have parents who might also require some financial assistance in their retirement. It is a very tight spot to be in, trying to increase your own savings while supporting your children and your parents.


Life Changes All the Time


There is a famous quote that the only two sure things in life are death and taxes. Most of us can relate to that on some level or another. We understand that we are not going to escape either one of those things, but beyond that it is hard to predict what else will take place in our lives. Therefore, it is smart to prepare for the unexpected.


Focus on Yourself First


The reality is that we have to focus on our own finances first. This means prioritizing preparing for retirement before trying to help out other people in the family. This is not about being mean or cold-hearted. Rather, it is about doing what you have to in order to ensure that you are not put in a position having to rely on the help of others in the future.


Have a Frank Conversation with Family Members


Sometimes there is just no getting around having some very honest conversations with family members. It is the only way to help everyone understand that while they are deeply loved by you, you may not always be able to help them.

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