Matt Badiali : The difference between Freedom checks & Trump Bonus Checks

The U.S economy is more often than not at the forefront of the news, so you might have heard about Trump Checks and or Freedom checks lately, but what exactly are they? Checks? this sounds too good to be true right? To fully understand the differences and what these checks mean to you we consulted with the expert that started Matt Badiali. So, let’s stop wasting time and get to it.

Trump Bonus Checks

The term originated from Mike Burnick who introduced the Trump Bonus Checks as a way to promote to Veterans the fact that they have unclaimed money they deserve for serving our country. He then invites veterans to join his newsletter at a price of $99 to show them a step by step guide on how they can claim their checks. Essentially, the newsletter ultimately ends with a call to action in the form of urging veterans to invest in companies recommended by Burnick himself. After a companies stock rises, veterans are then paid in the dividends accumulated during the rise of the stock.

Freedom Check

Freedom checks where at first not seen as reliable, mainly due to the fact that the whole premise of freedom checks sounds like a get rich quick scheme. Matt Badiali was the man who introduced the world to freedom checks after his video explaining them went viral. As stated before, people were skeptical of his claim, however, after looking a bit closer into the past of Badiali, nothing but reputable sources and results are presented. Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks Exposed. If was at this time that Matt Badiali and his claim of freedom checks was now being seriously considered by millions.

So, are they worth it?

According to Matt Badiali, yes they are, however, patience is needed as U.S companies will slowly but surely begin to turn to domestic sources of oil and gas, in which at that time the stock of those companies will sore immediately and so will the investments made by those who decided to take the advice of Matt Badiali.

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Steve Ritchie : Creating the dialogue for a new age

Due to internal issues within the company, Papa John’s pizza, one of the countries largest providers of fast food has elected to switch leadership in the form of Steve Ritchie. Steve was appointed CEO of the company in order to mediate and improve relations with customers after a scandal that would offend and anger much of its customer base. Steve Ritchie is, however, no stranger to the business, in fact, Ritchie has been a part of the company since the 1990s when he began working as an hourly wage worker. He later would own and operate his own Papa John’s franchise. Before his appointment to CEO, Steve Ritchie was the President of the company.

Steve’s first challenge was making sure that its employees and customers were delivered an apology. He would mention at the beginning of the letter that his first few weeks as CEO have been one the roughest times in his career with Papa John’s, but that he was determined to earn back the respect of its customers. In addition, he calls for an understanding of the fact that although the words spoken from a former employee of the company, the company as a whole does not reflect that one person’s views. The amazing people working for Papa John’s, from staff to employees in locations all over the nation are people we know, our sisters, brothers, mothers and it’s not fair to blame them.

However, Papa Jonh’s will do more than delivering words of apology, it will also extend its apology to action beginning with a full audit of the companies culture. While these audits are occurring, Steve’s senior management, as well as himself, will travel across the country to listen to the concerns of both employees and customers alike. There is no doubt that the appointment of Steve Ritchie to the CEO position has brought hope to many within the company and the nation that offensive speech will not be tolerated.


NEUROCORE is revolutionizing modern applications in neural science. The company was founded by Timothy Royer in 2004 and has been providing specialized treatment for people with brain-related ailments. Neurocore uses an approach that is data-driven and brain-based to assess and train patients who have concentration issues, migraines, stress disorders, sleep disorders, ADHD, traumatic brain injury among others. See more information about Neurocore at

The company is based in Michigan and Florida and has opened up six brain performance centers within the areas. Through cutting-edge technology, Neurocore has quickly become a national authority in applied neuroscience.

Neurotherapeutic applications such as brain mapping and EEG technology have changed the way brain-related issues are treated. These methods of treatment have only recently been introduced to the public, but they date back to the mid-twentieth century.

Some of the firms that have embraced this new technology include basketball giants Portland Trail Blazers. Through a partnership with Neurocore pro, the players have what is called a “Brain Room” where they use DVDs to train their brains. Another device is strapped to their heads, and it reads the electrical activity in the brain. Tim Royer

believes that this method of brain activity optimization is the next level in sports.

An electroencephalogram is a test that uses small, noninvasive metal disks called electrodes to detect electrical activity in the brain. This method is commonly known as EEG technology. Hans Berger published the first record of EEG usage in 1929.


Today, Neurocore uses EEG technology to diagnose and treat brain disorders, sleep disorders, brain dysfunction, encephalitis and other brain maladies such as stroke.

Quantitative EEG also uses a computer to record EEG on a computer by use of algorithms and statistics to compare records. This method helps gauge the speed at which the brain is running.

Neurocore uses Neurotherapy on patients to train the brain to self-regulate. This is done by use of electrical measurements of the mind. At the brain centers, the mind is tuned to function more efficiently by eliminating undesirable brain activity.

Neurocore uses repetition, positive reinforcement and practice to train the brain to function correctly. In this way, unwanted symptoms are eliminated, and cognitive decline is prevented naturally without the use of any medication. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

Hyland’s Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets Contain Naturally Active Ingredients and Work to Help Teething Pain

Hyland’s Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets without a doubt are an excellent choice for teething babies. Hyland’s products are safe and they get the job taken care of. The tablets work to help achieve an array of relief from pain associated with the mouth. Oral pain or discomfort from teething, different types of irritation and gum pain can be relieved with these tablets. Help your baby find relief from oral pain with Hyland’s tablets. No one likes to see a baby in pain. Hyland’s tablets can help to take the stress away so you can get rid of the baby’s pain and you can get that off your to-do list. Teething babies will enjoy this homeopathic company’s tablets. Hyland’s has over a hundred years of experience and is one of the top homeopathic companies in America. Hyland’s has been around since 1903, that’s over a hundred years! That’s over a hundred years of serving children just like yours. It is also a family-owned business. Family matters to them. Hyland’s has been very successful with past parents and I’m sure it will be continuously trusted by parents of the future. Of all the homeopathic companies in the world, make Hyland’s your choice. The company is trusted and has taken care of many babies. If you don’t know about their products, especially, the oral relief tablets for babies, you better get to know them fast. Hyland’s use the highest quality active ingredients and is strongly dedicated to supporting the health of families. The tablets are small and can be easily dissolved in your child’s mouth. Being easily dissolved can make it easier for your baby to use. The tablets can be the perfect choice for your child’s needs. Make sure your baby is well taken care of with Hyland’s easily dissolved tablets.

Aloha Restoration Endorsed By Super Bowl Champ

In a recent article by PR Newswire, tt’s revealed that 1985 Chicago Bears champion Tom Thayer partnered up with Lake Zurich-based Aloha Restoration to endorse them. This partnership was announced on the 8th of November and it continues to this day. Aloha restoration is a division of Aloha Construction and is focused on restoration of home and commercial buildings from fire damage as well as water removal and mold removal.


The article goes on to describe the excitement that Aloha Construction and Aloha Restoration President and CEO David A. Farbaky feels in being able to partner with former NFL offensive lineman Tom Thayer. Mr Farbaky talks about being one of the biggest fans of the Bears and one of the biggest fans of Mr Farbaky with framed pictures of both displayed around their Aloha Restoration office. Furthermore, Mr Farbaky talks about never thinking he would be able to meet Mr Thayner in Mr Farbaky’s younger days and that he feels it to be an honor and blessing for everyone who is a part of the company. For his part, Mr Thayner mentions in the article about how Aloha Restoration should be the first call for building troubles caused by winter.


Aloha Restoration is the division that focuses on cleaning up damages after disasters. Aside from cleanup from fire damage, smoke damage, water removal and mold removal, the company also provides home remodeling for both residential and commercial buildings. Basic carpet cleaning is also available for anyone who wants that service. The business serves people in the greater northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin areas. They use the latest equipment to repair fire and water damage.


The article concludes with some basic information on Aloha Restoration. This info includes how to contact the business for repair or remodeling needs.

CEO Zeco Auriemo Knows Exactly How to Change the Brazilian Luxury Real Estate Sector as JHSF’s Ruler

A dedicated team in JHSF and a powerful, intelligent leader in Chief Executive Officer Zeco Auriemo are no doubt a force to be reckoned with when they set their sights on dominating a business sector. This is exactly what has happened in Brazil when it comes to the creating and managing of several luxury properties; shopping centers are only one example of this, but hotels, as well as commercial and residential creations, have popped up all over the country on the trail of JHSF’s business operations, and this is creating a massive impact in Brazilian real estate.

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Although no one can deny the impact on Brazil, JHSF and its ruler, Zeco Auriemo, are placing their influence all over; they have erected luxurious properties in Uruguay, Paraguay and even the United States of America! The 14 floor tall structure is gaining lots of recognition in New York City, and it is attracting only the most successful and status-oriented residents. $32 million was the price tag that was necessary for the company to complete the execution of its vision for a property on sought-after American soil.

Many companies and many CEOs would be more than satisfied after completing such a project; however, JHSF and Mr. Zeco Auriemo are no ordinary company or leader. The team finds it necessary to always be moving forward, and there is no better example of this attitude than what they have done for executive aviation in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil. You may already be aware of the city’s Catarina Executive Airport, but did you know that this is actually a JHSF creation? What area will JHSF attempt to make its mark on next? Only time will tell, it seems, as long as Zeco Aurmiemo continues pushing on with his goals.


EOS Lip Balm: Luxury for Your Lips

EOS Lip Balm embodies heaven in form of a spherical container. Unlike most other known lip balms, EOS uses all natural ingredients in its formula and is USDA certified organic. This guarantees the lip balms being completely free of unwanted chemicals such as parabens and GMOs. While being all natural, the ingredients used such as Shea Butter and Coconut Oil are exceptionally beneficial to your skin, leaving your lips feeling thoroughly moisturized. It would not even hurt to take a little taste, knowing that all the ingredients are purely natural.

EOS Lip Balm comes in a multitude of flavors and designs. Some examples of the flavors include Lemon Twist, Pink Grapefruit, and Aloe. The designs of the spherical containers often match the aura given off by the name and are very appealing to look at. Therefore, these lip balms are very stylish for those who look for something with a bit more glamour. Being small physically and nearly weightless makes them very convenient for carrying on the go. They can be put in a handbag or even your pocket. In terms of convenience and looks, EOS Lip Balm has that down.

The pods are extremely affordable, often sold at a price range of under five dollars. A handful of consumers often find collecting the lip balms to be sort of a hobby because they come in a variety of flavors and corresponding designs. A few makeup professionals have found a wide range of other uses for the lip balm- from using it as a primer for your lips to it being an eyeshadow base. The uses for EOS Lip Balm are endless because its ingredients will not have any side effects. Ultimately, EOS Lip Balm is an extremely advantageous option for those looking for an efficient, but consumer-friendly lip balm.

DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani’s Unrivaled Leadership

Hussain Sajwani was raised by an entrepreneur- Ali Sajwani. Ali Sajwani passed on his skills as an entrepreneur to Hussain who is the serving chairman of DAMAC Properties. As a real estate investor, Hussain Sajwani has positively impacted the growth of the Dubai real estate sector by ensuring that DAMAC Property only develops luxurious properties.

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Hussain Sajwani worked as a contracts manager at GASCO. Hussain Sajwani saved a considerable amount of cash. Later on, he invested the money in a catering company that dealt with clients such as Bechtel (a prominent construction company) and the U.S. military. Since Hussain Sajwani knew the value of client feedback, he always conversed with most of his clients. He always knew which areas he needed to improve on while in the catering business.

DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani also became friends with prominent business people such as Donald Trump. Eventually, Donald Trump and Hussain Sajwani began working closely after the establishment of DAMAC Properties in 2002. Since Donald Trump was already conversant with how to appropriately run a real estate company, his expertise benefited the partnership significantly. In the midst of working together, Hussain Sajwani and Donald Trump were able to develop a golf course in Dubai, during February this year. The golf course is uniquely designed, and it has impacted DAMAC Properties portfolio positively.

Although the catering business registered a tremendous progress, Hussain Sajwani yearned for more. That’s why he also invested in the real estate sector. In 2002, Hussain Sajwani launched DAMAC Properties, a company that would later dominate the Dubai real estate sector. Hussain Sajwani used his entrepreneurial experience and leadership to fuel the extensive growth of DAMAC Properties. Although the real estate sector has experienced many ups and downs over the years, Hussain Sajwani’s excellent leadership skills have contributed to the firm’s steady growth. As a successful investor, Hussain Sajwani also recognizes the value of giving back to the community. That’s why he donates funds to charitable causes. For example, he recently supported an initiative that was meant to feed and provide clothes to the needy children in Dubai by donating AED 2 million. Follow Hussain on Instagram now.

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Children can avoid objects getting stuck in their throat according to Dr. Saad Saad

Saad Saad is a surgeon who is renowned for his excellent skills. He has used his knowledge and skills to get rid of foreign objects that may get stuck on the food pipe in children. He has successfully handled over a thousand cases throughout his career.

Dr. Saad Saad has worked on cases of children who experienced this problem from six years to fourteen years. His intervention has saved the lives of many children with foreign objects stuck in the trachea.

According to Dr. Saad Saad, young children are curious and want to know everything surrounding them. That is why they try to swallow objects when there is no one around to stop them from doing so. An object like a coin may appear as though it cannot cause any serious threat when it falls on the ground. However, if a kid swallows it, it can get stuck on the danger and cause serious issues. Learn more about Dr. Saad Saad:

The talented doctor says some signs that your child has a foreign object stuck on the throat may include experiencing difficulties while swallowing food, coughing and difficult when breathing. If your child suffers such issues, you need to seek quick assistance.

Some of the items that commonly get stuck while the child tries to swallow include hot dogs, coins and peanuts. It is the size of the object that determines whether an object can get stuck on the trachea or not. Read more: When a Child Swallows a Foreign Object – Advice by Dr. Saad Saad and Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon

Large objects like hot dogs and coins may be lodged on the trachea while small objects like peanuts may get stuck. If you are caring for a kid, it is essential that you have the right skills that are recommended to be able to give the kid first aid.

If such a case happens, caregivers should not use their fingers to get rid of the object from the throat. If the child has a foreign object stuck in the esophagus and it is not possible to clear it, the child should immediately be rushed to the emergency room to be examined by a physician. The emergency room is equipped to carry out a test. They can be used to determine the way to remove the object stuck.

When it comes to handling such cases, Dr. Saad Saad has been giving the best advice that can help your child if he/she swallows a foreign object. First, you need to be careful with your kid to avoid swallowing of these objects.

It is better to take precaution that to complain later when things have gone wrong. Prevention is the best way of dealing with this problem. The tip by Dr. Saad is a life saver and should be bserved keenly by all parents who have children, especially those below two years.

Victoria Doramus Featured on Ideamensch with Insightful Interview

Victoria Doramus was recently featured on the Ideamensch website where she was interviewed. She studied at the University of Colorado where she obtained her BA in mass communication and journalism. She has also worked with a variety of companies for advertising, branding, and communication and is always seeking to improve and intertwine the fields. She has worked with companies like Mindshare, Creative Arts Agency, Stila Cosmetics, and Trendera.

Victoria Doramus is also a dedicated philanthropist. She focuses on helping a variety of charities like Room to Read and Best Friends Animal Society. She wants to focus on helping others make their dreams a reality in the same way she has been able to.

One trend in the marketing industry that Victoria Doramus is incredibly excited about at the moment is the “bring your own data” in health apps. Not only can the smart technology manage and track calories, the sleep cycle, and the heart rate, but it can also measure your blood pressure and how often you meditate. Doramus even uses a tracker on her dog’s collar to keep track of him. She believes the wearable technology is incredibly helpful in staying healthy. It allows the technology to actually put the data to use on a day to day basis.

One of her productivity hacks as an entrepreneur is to carry a to-do list of everything that she needs to accomplish the next day. This handwritten list is her one moment of straying from technology. She finds the feeling of writing it out by hand to be an effective way to keep her on track with what she needs to accomplish throughout the day.

Victoria Doramus would also give her younger self the advice of learning how to have self-confidence earlier. She believes that self-efficacy is a key to everything, from your business life to your personal life. She reveals that she has had many failures over the course of her career, but it was when she was able to take responsibility for her mistakes that she was able to move forward. She believes failure is a good opportunity to learn the difficult truths about oneself.

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